Method 1
Be more organized

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    Get organized. Buy or unearth some new supplies that will keep you organized. For example, use folders, binders, files, trays and pencil cases to keep everything in its rightful place.
    • If you love stationery (and who doesn't), consider purchasing items in your favorite colors, or covering your trays/binders, etc. with patterned paper that pleases you. By making things more appealing, you're more likely to use them.
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    Get a decent backpack. Use one that can carry all of your books and other bits and pieces, as well as fitting your back properly. Backpacks should be comfortable and able to support your posture. Avoid any backpack that feels uncomfortable or pulls on your back and neck.
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    Get yourself a locker. The locker will allow you to store stuff at school and have it easily available when you need gym clothes, binders, etc. Don't leave valuables in it though; always follow school policy with respect to bringing such things to school and where to leave them during the day.
    • Put in shelves, a calendar, and all the things you need for class.

Method 2
Improving your academic approaches

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    Do your homework regularly. Set aside a regular time each day to do homework. Even if the time shifts around due to other commitments, always stick to it. Homework exists for a reason––to expand your understanding and to force you to think for yourself, rather than simply relying on what the teacher has to dish out. See it as improving yourself, only this part of yourself is your mind.
    • If you have trouble with anything, ask the teacher, read further in the book, use your notes or search online. When something is difficult, use this as an opportunity to extend yourself and learn more, rather than as an excuse to give up.
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    Learn to follow the teachers' directions. Teachers ask you to do things for your own benefit. It might not seem like it at the time but in the long run, learning to listen to authority and follow instructions does have a purpose. You will have to do this throughout your life, so the sooner that you realize this is a useful skill, the better. Of course, this doesn't mean that you can't question what is asked of you. But there is a polite way of doing so, which will always work better than the brusque way. Be polite, show that you have thought through things before simply snapping or rebelling. In the long run, knowing how to ask intelligent questions that show that you both understand the instructions but see a better way of doing things will be more likely to get you what you want.
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    Take notes on what the teachers are saying. Make it short notes in a notebook or a composition book. Summarize. This will help you to keep track of the things you need to learn in greater depths.
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    Study every night just to see what you have learned. Do this every night no matter if you have a test the next day. Gradual retention is always better and longer lasting than last-minute cramming.

Method 3
Improving your behavior

This section applies only if you've not been that well behaved at school.

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    Consider why you think it's beneficial to play up at school. Perhaps you get attention, perhaps it's just fun to be cheeky or perhaps you are covering up an inability to do something. In some cases, you may have found it has been easier to be a bully than to reach out and get help for the reasons you're lashing out at innocent people. Whatever the reason, try to identify what is motivating your bad behavior.
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    Realize that people's tolerance doesn't last forever. Even if you've been getting away with bad behavior, you'll already have a reputation and eventually, even the patient people will get tired of your behavior.
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    Stop doing it. It's really as simple as that. While it may feel odd, by no longer doing the badly behaved things, you can move on. People may say things to remind you of what you used to do, but simply say that's how you used to be, that you've thought about it and have changed things. You don't need to make up any excuses, just move on.
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    Ask for help. If you're finding it hard to stop behaving badly, seek help from someone you trust. This might be a teacher, a parent/guardian, a friend, a counselor, a person of faith, or any other person you trust. Explain what you're going through and see how they can help you move past it.
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    Apologize. If you've hurt people as a result of your behavior, it can be a good way to start over by apologizing to them. Do not expect them to be convinced by your apology or to believe that you've mended your ways, simply be genuine in your own intention and move on. You will prove to these people that you mean your apology through your future actions towards them.
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    Get on with your life. Do all the things outlined above to improve academically and start filling your life with external activities that you enjoy, such as sport, a hobby or chatting to friends. Don't linger over what was. Look forwards.

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