How to Be Happily Married

The ideal of a happy marriage is within every one's reach provided they understand that a happy marriage can only be achieved by a happy person or at the very least, someone who knows how to fake it.


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    Don't expect your happiness to be derived from someone else. The most common mistake made in the quest for a happy marriage is to expect that someone should be "making" you happy. The old saying "to have friends requires one to be a friend" applies.
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    Focus on how you can make the marriage happy. The only way you can be happy is by focusing on your own efforts to make your marriage partner happy. In essence, a marriage is no different from any friendship with shared goals and responsibilities and the added bonus of readily available sex.
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    Treat your partner as a friend at all times. As a general guideline, one should think how you would treat a friend you are very fond of and apply the same principles. No friendship would survive if you do not invest in spending time together and doing things together.
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    Spend time together, regularly. Similarly, one cannot expect to find happiness in a marriage relationship without spending quality time together, making eye contact (a fact know to increase bonding) and doing novel things together.
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    Master your own emotions, don't blame the other. Our behavior is not dependent on our emotions - psychologists know that our emotions are more often the result of our thoughts and actions rather than the end all and be all so in a nutshell and at the risk of oversimplifying it: Act happy, think happy, feel happy.

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