How to Be Happy Even When Your Spouse Is Away

When your spouse is away from home, it can be a trying time especially if you're not yet familiar with the situation. There are many possible reasons a spouse might be away such as for work travel, for family reasons, for imprisonment, for hospitalization, for running a business, etc. If you're not used to it, and if you're feeling lonely and overwhelmed, finding an equilibrium is important so that you can carry on happily even without your spouse by your side.


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    Remember that you live under one sky. You look at the same moon, share the same Facebook account, breathe the same air even though you are far apart. You also live in the most connected era of humanity ever; wherever people are in the world, they can be reached with the help of technology.
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    Realize that things may be tough. If you rarely see one another, there will be money issues, insecurities, jealousy and paranoia to deal with if you fall into a negative way of seeing it. In turn, seek to find positives, such as:
    • Talking about your insecurities and jealousies together. Find ways to counteract these feelings and suspicions.
    • Make space for quality time when you are together; choose dates and things to do that are just for the two of you, no matter what else.
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    Choose to be happy with the situation. It is a choice - you can be negative or you can find the things about the situation that you can hold to as positives. Your happiness is a personal decision.
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    Do something about your loneliness. Surround yourself with friends, activities, hobbies, distractions, and work. Reach out to other people you love, care about, and trust, and be with them as much as possible.
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    Be hopeful. Without hope, there is only despair. If you choose to remain hopeful, if you see this is as one phase in a lifetime with your spouse, you will gain a better perspective on coping with being apart from one another. Use your hope for a better future together as a promise to yourself that this time is temporary.
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    Move from hope to reality through good communication and compromises. If being apart is going on for year after year after year, there must come a point at which you get together and make decisions as to how to be together properly again. Either that, or you might need to accept that being apart is something you've both grown too used to - it is best if you talk this through before it reaches that point though.
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    Use your faith. If you are a person of faith, use your faith as a source of personal strength to see you through.
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    Realize that you're not alone. Many married couples are separated for one reason or another, for short or long term reasons. Perhaps you can find other people in your position through online resources and connect. That way, you can share your fears, hopes, and support with one another.

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