How to Be Happy when You Are Grounded

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It's hard to feel happy when you're grounded but if you can find things to do that fit within the rules for being grounded, you can at least spend the time feeling happy rather than miserable. This article provides some suggestions for enjoying yourself in place of moping about, and you'll surely come up with some fun ideas of your own to help pass this period of time.

Part 1
Inside Activities

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    Play games. It doesn't matter if it is hide-and-seek with your little brother or playing solitaire by yourself. Games will take up at least 15 minutes and they will usually keep you happy and entertained.
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    Clean. It doesn't sound like fun but it is time consuming and has a useful result. Maybe your room is a little messy and you can't find your favorite bracelet. Easy fix! Clean your room. Or maybe you want to ride your bike but it is buried with junk in the garage. Bring-bring-bring, it's time for a clean. Clean the garage and see whether you can get some extra allowance for doing so. Cleaning may not be the most fun thing to do but it does have good results.
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    Catch up on homework. As with cleaning, it's not the most fun thing to do but it is useful.
    • Example: Would you rather spend a hour working on that book report that's due tomorrow and get an A or would you rather spend a hour moping around and getting a F on your book report? Of course, you would do your report and get an A.
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    Be silly. Make funny faces in your mirror and try on crazy outfits. Try one of a kind ice-cream creations. Just have fun!
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    Find a new hobby. Whether its drawing or poem writing, being grounded allows you to develop them.
    • Examples include: Drawing,Writing,Cooking/Baking. ( if you have a printer, print off some colouring (English) pages and spend time colouring them.)

Part 2
Outside Activities

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    If you have a dog, walk it. Not only is it fun but it is good for you too. This is also very good exercise for your dog.
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    Get active. If you have a bike or scooter, you could ride it around your neighborhood. Even if you don't have a bike or scooter you could still run around.


  • Don't have too much fun or your parents might ground you longer next time.
  • Make sure you have learned your lesson. If you don't like having no electronics or no friends over then don't do the thing that got you grounded again. Even if it was worth getting grounded for, don't do it again.

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