How to Be in an Age Gap Relationship

Being in a relationship with a big age gap can be hard. Both of you will be at different stages in life, your maturity stages may different and your friends will be from different age groups as well. However, if the love is there, the age-gap relationship can be just as fulfilling as any close-age relationship. This article is appropriate for all adult-aged persons in a relationship with another adult.


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    Understand each other. With an age gap, you might be different places in your lives. Therefore, try to get to know each other as much as possible. While this is always a good idea, it is very important here. Maybe your partner is still in school or maybe having a full time job, with you doing something completely different. While one of you may be talking about partnership and the other about English tests, one will always know more than the other. One will already have been there. If you don't want advice or to know more, say so. Be honest, and when your partner forgets and tries to tell you what to do, understand that you are different places.
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    Accept the difference. While partners always are different from each other, you may find an even bigger difference due to different maturity levels. And it's not just about age! However, going for someone younger or older may reflect to your maturity level as well. Therefore, accept that you like younger or older, and that your partner does too.
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    Realize that everyone has a hard time figuring out relationships. While some love the thought of different people coming together, others hate it. Talk about it. There is an age difference. And whether it's 3 or 25 years of difference, it doesn't matter that much. The fact is that there is a difference, and if one of you is having a bad time, the other probably also is experiencing a hard time.
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    Remember that one will always be younger, and not have as much experience. Accept that you may want different things in a relationship. The older person may want more maturity, while the younger may also want it, or may want a little more fun. The fact is that you usually go for the one whom you think will suit you best. If you want someone younger, you may feel best that way. Just remember that it takes two to tango, and no one can do it alone.
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    Be sure about the age difference––don't lie. It's very important with an age gap relationship, to know the partner's real age. The partner may be too young to have relations with someone older, or older than what you thought. Being honest is the most important step in a relationship, so it's a great start, to start with telling your age. That way, there won't be as much trouble. Age is the thing that makes the relationship tricky. Don't make it worse by lying. It won't help.
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    Expect that some people will judge you. You will be judged. Someone may think you're your partners parent or the other way. You have to accept that people will think of you or judge. But if it's love, it shouldn't matter.
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    Watch movies or read books about the subject. Do it alone, if you prefer. Good movies to watch can be "An education" (about a young girl's lessons about falling for an older guy), "Liberal arts", "Third person", "Tanner Hall", "American Beauty". You need to know what you're getting into.
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    Go for it. It doesn't matter that they judge. If you want someone older or younger, because you feel happier that way, do it. But make sure that your partner is happy. And don't think too much about it. You should have a relationship of love, not thoughts about age.


  • Be honest with each other; that's the foundation of any good relationship.
  • Meet in the middle.



  • Do not get involved in a relationship that is prohibited by law; minors are protected against intimate relationships with older persons for the sake of their well-being and safety. Criminal penalties often apply for proven breach of such laws.
  • If dating an older person, be safe! Don't go too fast.
  • Know what you're getting into.

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