How to Be Liked at Your New School

Okay, you may be starting at a new school and want to get the right impression for people, well that's what this page is for. Read these steps and they will hopefully help you at your new school, good luck.


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    Be Prepared. The night before, have your stuff ready, etc: clothes picked out and ready to get changed into, your school bag ready at a place where you will remember and make sure you have all your things in your bag ready for the day. This gives you more time in the morning.
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    Make sure you look nice and don't look like you don't care. If you look nice and appealing people will be more temped to go up and talk to you.
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    Maintain self-hygiene. Hygiene is very important. Nobody like to talk to someone with their smelly breath going in their face.
    • The night before, have a bath or shower and wash well, shampoo and condition your hair and then style it in whatever way you want it to look like for the morning.
    • Brush your teeth very well and bring mints (or gum) in so after your lunch you don't have bad breath.
    • Get good sleep the night before, it makes you more ready to start the day and more energetic. If you stay up then you will feel tired all day and will have dark circles under your eyes and will walk like a zombie and you won't be as focused either.
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    Calm yourself down with hot drink and book or something like that. Try to relax your mind
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    The next morning, Wake up and get your things together. May be practice a conversation in front of the mirror and talk about simple, not random things.
    • Get your things together and walk out your door with a smile and make sure you don't feel you've forgotten something, that's not a great sign.
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    At school, Smile and say Hi to anyone who you're being introduced to or who simply says Hi to you. When you are joining in the conversation talk about simple conversations not random (yet).
    • Do not talk about crazy things. Lay low a little, this may seem bad, but its not, don't lay low when someone's trying to start a conversation with you, or you're being included in one, just don't seem very entitled to your opinion.
    • This will make people not so keen to be best friends with you because they will be wanting to tell their best friends their secrets but, they won't if they feel your side of the opinion will make them not agree to theirs.
    • Gradually make your conversations more different and come out of your bubble a little going through the days.
    • Don't be mean, don't judge anybody. It will just make people think you're not a very nice person, especially because its your first day.
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    Come home feeling proud: hopefully you will come home not regretting anything and feeling bad. Fitting in can take time but you will eventually if you're kind and know when to do the right thing at the right time.


  • Smile
  • Don't seem too nervous
  • Try not to cry or get emotional over something if its little
  • Try to enjoy yourself as well
  • Don't seem as if you're trying to follow anything just remember things and be consistent
  • Complimenting people helps


  • There may be some gossiping just still smile and don't question or judge, because if you do nothing wrong, they'll have nothing to judge you for.
  • Don't worry if you're not that popular on your first day, believe me, anyone who's moved schools before knows it takes time
  • Be aware there will always be unkind people out there, don't let them bring you down

Things You'll Need

  • A smile
  • School supplies
  • Good topic to talk about

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