How to Be One Woman's Dream Husband

If you are a homemaker, stay-at-home dad or a live-in boyfriend and plan to become a homemaker, the following tips will help keep almost every woman happy. Remember almost every woman has different tastes, but there are several seemingly universal things that women value in a man.


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    Keep the house clean. This is the most important thing because a clean house makes everything else a lot easier.
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    Learn how to cook. Most of the foods that women crave are not that hard to make.
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    Baby her a little bit. Let her relax. What a working woman values most when she first gets off work is the opportunity to unwind.
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    Greet her with a smile and wait until much later to tell about the day's problems.
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    Put the kids on a schedule. This is as much for you as it is her.
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    Set your schedule for maximum relaxation. A more relaxed you lets her relax.
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    Take pride in your appearance. Before she comes home, freshen up. Fix your hair. Put on a shirt with no stains on it.
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    Make her feel needed. She needs to feel like she is the only one in your life. It may be a bit corny, but it is true because she should be the only one in your life.
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    Play "hostess" every now and then. Encourage her to have her friends over for a poker night or to watch a game. It lets her have her conversation time, and it gives you the chance to make her friends envy her for having such an awesome guy. Last, but definitely not least, start her day off right. Lay out her work clothes, pack her lunch, make her a cup of coffee and a feed her a nice breakfast.


  • When she gets home, have her sit down while you take her high heels off. Put some fresh flowers on the table next to where she is sitting and hand her a drink and the remote. If dinner is ready, even better. Every woman will tell you hot food, flowers, a cold drink and a remote will make her day.
  • If you can manage, have the children do their homework as soon as they get home, eat dinner around 6 o'clock and have them go to bed by 8. This will allow two of you to have the rest of the evening to yourselves.
  • Keep romance in your marriage. Buy some lingerie and candles. Get a book and learn some new tricks to use on her. Don’t be sending her any nasty pictures. Keep the romance exciting.
  • Get a crock pot. Most of them come with a recipe book, and there are tons of easy recipes on the Internet. Just put the ingredients in the pot and turn it on in the morning. By dinner time, you have a delicious meal, and you do not have to worry about burning anything.
  • Stressful subjects are best discussed after dinner if at all. If it is important, she will be able to handle it better with a full stomach. If it is inconsequential, you will probably forget about it by then.
  • Do the cleaning and laundry right after the kids go to school. This is a good way to organize your daily routine and allows you some time to relax, perhaps with a cup of coffee.


  • Boring sex is almost as bad as no sex. Keep it interesting.
  • Do not nag her as soon as she walks in the door from work.

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