How to Be Online and on Topic

"To be online" is different to "to beeline", so bear that in mind. The modern world is full of internet savvy, almost robotic children leaving the previous generation in their wake. Here's how to stay relevant and redefine your online persona.


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    smiling, it's important. But choose your smiles. :) is casual and shows a mutual understanding. :D shows excitement and uncontrollable happiness. The list of other smiles is too long to, well, list, so master which of those you should use first.
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    To "lol" or not to "lol": So you're friend just told an average joke, you say "lol homes". That cool kid on the bus just said something and you want to show that you find them hilarious, you say "lmfao you dapper sailor."
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    Choose what to like: On Facebook? See lots of things you want to "like"? Well pick and choose mofo, only losers like everything. Just like a picture of your close friend looking swagtastic, and an article from a trendy web zine about how the music press is being defeated by old people, man.
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    Avoid hashtags: Only the uninitiated use hashtags. It is a sign of online immaturity, the keyboard equivalent of someone speaking loudly in a cafe about their mundane day. Use hashtags by all means, but only when something truly trendy occurs in your head.
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    Delete most unflattering pics: This will make you look well deuce, while keeping some remaining bad pics will give you some obligatory laughter fodder with the cool kids when you look back over time, "look how bad my hair was, lol".
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    Briefly appear online: Yes, you should keep an eye on what is happening within your social media, it should be the most important thing in your life, period. Put down that book, now is not the time to learn. But no matter how often you are on the sites, you should appear offline for the most part, so that you appear as though you care little for your online persona.

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