How to Be Positive About Life

How to be positive about life is a common question. You are probably thinking, "Here we go again, more of this how to be happy rubbish." Some people will think this is rubbish, but then again, some won't. You are entitled to your opinion. But if you decide to read this, it may give you some perspectives on positive thinking and help to change your negative ways.


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    Before you enter a room, put on a big, comfortable smile. Not so much that people are scared of you, but so people feel relaxed about talking to you. This will help you make lots of friends and make you feel better about yourself.
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    Maintain an open mind. Instead of, for example, thinking, "This article is rubbish," think "mm. This article isn't bad." Don't rush yourself into making judgment. You aren't running for Jesus, so just take it bit by bit, and soon, you will be positive in no time.
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    Don't waste your time feeling upset about what people have said to you in the past. Think of the future. Ignore those who deliberately try to hurt you, and focus on those who have always been there for you.
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    If you want to make friends, don't nag. Nagging makes other people feel insecure and annoyed. Stand your ground, don't just agree with what they say, or they will think you are boring. Come across as interesting, even if you aren't.
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    Tidy your room/house, and you will feel better and more comfortable. Have a nice relaxing shower or bath, and you will feel clean and refreshed.
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    If you are a child, get you homework out of the way. That means you have more time to relax, instead of worrying and letting it hang over you.
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    Laugh. It doesn't matter if you're laughing about something your friend said last week or something you read or saw, it matters that you are laughing.
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    Notice that when you see someone laugh, it makes you happy. A smile is just as good. A smile brings a warmness and content, making you happy for a short period of time. So smile back.


  • Try each day to smile, feel happy, eat healthily, laugh and do what you like best for a brief stretch, at least.


  • Don't frown and don't think negatively. Think about the good in things.

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