How to Be the Best Bebo Roleplayer You Can Be

Those of you who are familiar with the world of roleplaying on will know that many roleplayers prejudice you for being a newbie or not having many friends, etc. If you're fed up of this, read this article on a few tips on how to become popular.


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    If you do not already have a roleplaying account on bebo, create one. Simply join up, but unleash your imagination, use a character from a television show or a movie or create your own character based on one. Find a celebrity who is fairly unused for your portrayal, and tada, account is ready.
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    Broaden your horizons. Harry Potter roleplayer? Add a few Twilight or Doctor Who roleplayers, maybe you're not a fan of either of those things, but you could compromise a way to roleplay together.
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    Talk to people! If, like me, you have a couple of hundred friends and you talk to about 20 of them, speak to a few more, leave starters for them if they're offline, or if they're online, ask them if they'd like to roleplay.
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    Change your image. Some people don't like doing this, if they've got used to a certain look for their character, but sometimes it can help. If you're using someone many people use, such as Jac Vanek or Kristen Stewart, change your image to someone hardly anyone uses, whether they be a model or just a seemingly unpopular actor/actress. Maybe even try using yourself, if you're happy to.
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    Be online more often. Sometimes it's a hardship to spend every waking hour on the computer, or to even just spend an hour or so a day online, but it can help your popularity a lot. If you're online a lot, people will see you as someone they can roleplay with when their friends are not online; and after a while of this, you'll become their friend.
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    Have fun when roleplaying. Don't just think of it as a chore and only reply to comments which seem important; be friendly and think of roleplaying as a game. This way you'll be more likely to want to talk to others, and they'll be more likely to want to talk to you.
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    Don't use text-talk or god-modding. God-modding, or God moderating, is controlling someone else's as characters, such as typing '[Your character] walked over to [my character] and said "Hello." [my character] replied "Hi.".' Roleplayers do not like this, they like to control their own characters. And text-talking just annoys most people and is mostly incomprehensible.


  • Don't waste your life away on bebo just to become popular online; you need to have a healthy balance between online life and real life.
  • If people don't reply to your comments straight away, give them time. If you see they're replying to everyone else except you, then maybe consider re-posting, if not, steer clear of doing this.
  • If you get called a 'newbie' ignore this comments, everyone was new once, and you can't become an excellent roleplayer if you take these things to heart.
  • Never steal other peoples pictures. It's tacky and shows that you're really not that good a roleplayer, no matter how detailed your comments may be.
  • Have fun. Otherwise, there's no point in roleplaying.


  • Bebo can seriously become addictive, if you start to feel you spend too much time online, take a break. Don't let yourself become an addict.
  • Even in roleplaying, you don't know who you're talking to. Unless you really trust someone out of character, don't tell them any personal information about yourself.

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