How to Beat a Video Game

If you've ever played a video game, you may have gotten stuck. Whether you're having problems with a boss fight, a difficult jump, or just a tough section of the level, try out these tips! Gaming can be difficult and frustrating, and if you're having no fun, there's no point in playing. However, surmounting difficult challenges is the spirit of gaming, and overcoming a tough section can be a great feeling!


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    Stop and look around. If you're having a difficult time trying something, maybe you're not doing it right in the first place! Look around for anything you may have missed; a special piece of cover to hide behind while fighting, or a ledge to cling to for a jump, or an important item on the ground.
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    Search for secret content Developers occasionally insert secret areas or optional missions/quests in their games. Often these will reward you with power-ups, supplies, or even all new equipment! Be especially aware of side-quests in Role Playing Games, as they often supply you with items you can't find anywhere else in the game.
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    Play at a time when you're not stressed. Adjust your gaming area so that there aren't any distractions, and make sure that you are in a mood where you can deal with some annoyances.
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    Keep trying! This is the most important thing to keep in mind! Even if it takes you awhile to beat a game, keep trying at it, you'll get there eventually!
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    Don't let yourself get angry. This is pretty easy to do. If you feel yourself getting angry or annoyed with the game, just turn it off and do something else! You can always come back to it!
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    Invite some friends over. People think differently, and they might suggest something that could help.
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    Take a break (or play some different games) for about a day or two. You'll be amazed of what you can think of if you are not playing it!
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    READ THE INSTRUCTION MANUAL. sometimes, the developers puts in little tips for helping you beat tough enemies. plus, it always tells you how the game works, and sometimes, it says how to do sophisticated commands (like a combo move in a fighting game.)


  • If you don't know anybody who has the game, you can always find a walkthrough online. However, don't overuse walkthroughs or cheat codes; they can spoil the fun and achievement of beating a difficult game!
  • If you're stuck in an area/room, try attacking surrounding objects or the walls. In doing so, you may find a hidden switch or break a wall, thus allowing you to leave the area.
  • If you're really stuck, try talking to a friend that has the game. Maybe they have beaten the level of the game that you are stuck on and can tell you how they beat it.
  • Many games will challenge your creativity. Doing strange, off-the-wall things in a game may unlock alternate endings, special items, or other things beneficial to your game experience.
  • Check out the Universal Hint System. It's a website that provides hints for games in such a manner that gives you only the hints you need without spoiling the experience.
  • Look for a guidebook made specifically for your game or consider a controller that will give you an advantage.
  • If you don't know where to go, try searching YouTube for walkthroughs! It is totally fun and you will love it!


  • Don't play for very long periods of time, especially if you are frustrated with the game. you might hurt yourself. or the game.

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