How to Beat Boredom on the Weekend

Three Parts:Finding Things to Do By YourselfBeing ActiveSpending Time With Others

The weekends are often days for relaxation. Many people have a lot of free time. The downside to that is becoming bored. Luckily for you, there are many interesting things you can do to enjoy your weekend. Think outside of the box sometimes and think traditional at other times, and you will never sit around bored.

Part 1
Finding Things to Do By Yourself

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    Read a book. Read an interesting book that you like. Grab a snack, cozy up in the corner of a couch and read a book. You could read: horror, comedy, sad, mystery, and so much more!And you never know maybe you could discover something new while reading your book!
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    Pamper yourself. Don't have any plans or the weather is bad? How about gathering candles, your favorite beverage and some bubbles or bath oil, and slipping into the tub and out of reality for a while.
    • Go out and get a manicure, pedicure or whatever relaxing thing you can possibly afford outside of your home.
    • Go get a new hair cut or color or get a professional massage.
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    Create some vivid memories on paper. Use Sunday to spark your creativity. Pick up your musical instrument and practice for a few hours. Draw, paint, sculpt, write or take photographs. Whatever your medium, get lost in it. Inspiration trumps boredom every time![1]
    • Write up some musical stanzas of a song you can easily compose on just one Sunday.
    • Start a journal, and write about your week every Sunday in it for an hour or so. This will help you pass the time in a way that you will never forget.
    • You could go to one of those painting or ceramic art studios that exist in many towns. They will let you paint pottery or an actual painting using acrylics.
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    Do your chores while cranking up the music. Organize your room or office, wash the dog, do some gardening. Make it more fun by finding a new flower to plant or looking up a new decorating idea. by At the end of the day, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that you did something productive.
    • This isn't the most fun way to spend a Sunday, but it's certainly among the most productive. It's going to start your Monday off better because if you're organized at home, you can turn your attention to work or whatever else you do during the week.
    • Some people actually enjoy doing chores because the chores keep them busy and give them time to think while they are doing them.
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    Read the Sunday newspaper. Curl up on the couch with a cup of tea and a good book or your local newspaper. There's nothing like a great story to help time pass quickly. Besides, reading is a good way to relax.
    • You could also watch an old movie on TV or an internet movie site like Amazon or Netflix. Or even watch a movie marathon.[2]
    • If it's a rainy Sunday, reading a book is an even better idea. There's nothing like hearing the sound of rain against the window pane as you're curled up in a blanket relaxing.
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    Bake something in the oven. Another enjoyable Sunday activity is to get in the kitchen and bake up a delicious treat.
    • Try out a new recipe or an old favorite. Invite someone over to cook with you or share some of what you make with a neighbor.
    • The smell of baked goods in the oven will make your Sunday better by itself!
    • You could also go shopping for the week or prepare weekday meals ahead of time. Do things that will make your week easier, such as preparing a meal schedule ahead of time or buying groceries for the week.

Part 2
Being Active

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    Try playing a sport, even just for fun. Whether it's indoor or outdoor, go be active and get some great exercise at the same time. You can get together to play sports informally or join a league with Sunday games or practices.
    • Join a workout gym, and see what activities they have scheduled for Sundays. Alternatively, just go and work out on your own! It never hurts to get healthier and fitter. Join a volleyball league that plays on Sundays. Many workout gyms offer such leagues.
    • Think outside the box. How about flying a kite?[3]How about bowling? It's a great family activity, it's pretty cheap, and most bowling alleys are open on Sundays. If you live in a warm climate, consider a sport like tennis. If you live in a snowy climate, skiing, snowmobiling, and ice skating can be a lot of fun.
    • Go for a long walk or bike ride if the weather is nice. There's nothing like a Sunday walk to put you in a better mood - weather permitting. Sunday is a day for relaxation, so don't rush. Enjoy the scenery, and relieve stress.
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    Take a road trip somewhere. Invite a friend or two, and drive somewhere interesting that is close enough for only a few-hour trip. Or plan a bus ride or a train ride to another town within a two-hour ride.
    • Have lunch or an ice cream, and just enjoy being in a different environment for a few hours.
    • Visit the local tourist spots in your own town. Sometimes when you live in a town, you get caught up in the daily grind and don't see everything it has to offer.
    • Take a map and draw a circle around the town where you live and outward so that any trip to the outer line would be about two hours away. Then, each Sunday or so, determine to visit different towns within the circle.
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    Enjoy a great Sunday brunch. Sunday brunch is a staple for many people. You could try a new Sunday brunch each week (or every other week if you want to watch your calories!) Many restaurants make a big deal about Sunday brunch.
    • Check the local newspaper or online for listings of the best Sunday brunches. Most localities of any size have them. Try a new place each time. Or take turns picking a new place.
    • If your town is not big enough to offer many Sunday brunches, a late Sunday breakfast at a local cafe is a way to get some companionship and good food too.
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    Do an activity related to literature, art, or culture. Whether it's checking out the latest movie at the theater or something more high-brow (like a play or symphony) you could learn something while having fun.
    • Check out a local museum, even if it's something you've seen before. They might have a new exhibit. Or go to the zoo. Go to a fair or festival if there is one going on.
    • Go see a play or head to the library. Maybe you can find a great new book to read if you do. Libraries are peaceful, as Sunday should be.

Part 3
Spending Time With Others

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    Play with your siblings. Play a game or just talk with one of your family members or your friends. If you don't have a brother or a sister talk with your parents, ask them about things you both are interested in. Or even just tell each other something funny so both of you can have a little family laugh time.
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    Join a group that offers Sunday activities. Especially if you live in a city, but even if you don't, there are many interesting groups with weekend activities. Find something you like and join in. Then, you won't have to worry about what you're going to do with your Sundays.
    • If you are religious, you could find out which groups meet through your church. The Sunday bulletin given out after services at many churches lists activities, events, and groups. Otherwise, check the local newspaper for ideas!
    • If you can't find one that suits you, why not start your own group? For example, you could start a Sunday book club, and invite your friends and neighbors.
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    Volunteer your time to help others. Help others by donating your time in a local hospital, food bank, soup kitchen or other volunteer organization.[4]
    • You could always visit an elderly relative who seems lonely. Spend your Sunday making another person's Sunday less dull.
    • How about the local Humane Society? Or a road cleanup? Help an elderly shut in or a person who is disabled rake their leaves. There are many ways to give back. Contact local social service agencies, churches, or town or city hall for ideas.
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    Create family time around a regular activity. You're probably busy during the week days, so why not schedule something that involves your family on Sunday (kids and spouse if you have them or your birth family otherwise).[5]
    • Schedule a regular Sunday dinner. For the dinner, you could choose a different style of cooking for each week to mix it up or people could take turns with the cooking. Or you could go on a picnic![6]
    • Watch a sporting event on television with family or take your family to a baseball game or other major league game, if you live in a community near one.
    • Some families challenge themselves, such as by trying to find a way to spend a money-free weekend. What activities can they come up with that don't cost money? Such challenges can unify families and be a lot of fun.[7]
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    Play cards or board games. Getting together with people to play games is fun, but try to think outside the box. Get interesting non-standard decks for card games. Try out a new board game you've never played before.[8]
    • Don't just think Monopoly or Clue, although the old staples can be a lot of fun. Look around for new games at a local toy or department store, and try some of them. Ask friends for ideas.
    • Board games are also a great way for family members to interact with each other in a positive manner. Invite over the neighbors or some friends if your family is not large.
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    Have fun with your pets outside. You could even play sports such as Soccer or kickball. If your dog likes to catch Frisbees, play Frisbee catch.
    • If you dog likes catching tennis balls, play catch & retrieve with them. Some dogs like to play baseball (or at least the running portion that is).
    • Take your dog to the local dog park and walk around it yourself or read a book while your dog plays. Or take your dog for a walk. Go to the beach with your dog if you live in a community with one.


  • You can go swimming, cook, go shopping, do homework but put some music on so its not that boring. Go for a bike ride with a friend, relax, read, watch movies or TV shows.
  • If you have school the next day, pack your bags, set out your clothes and prepare your lunch so everything is ready in the morning. Then you won't have to stress about doing it first thing in the morning!.
  • Find a hobby you enjoy and try to get better at it or try a something new.
  • Try to do all your work on Saturday! This leaves less stressful feelings on Monday.
  • Try something new! An empty day is like a new canvas waiting for paint. Surprise yourself.
  • You can have a friend over, paint or draw, practice a sport and go on social media like Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.
  • If you don't want to do anything inside, go outside. Plant some trees, walk around and discover the different things in the world you haven't seen before.
  • Relax! Especially if your week starts on Monday, use Sunday to relax and rejuvenate.
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  • Avoid going to bed late, especially if you have exams, tests, quizzes or job interviews on Monday. Staying up can have a negative effect on your performance the next day.
  • If you do plan to go out using public transport on Sunday, please be aware that public transport is often infrequent on a Sunday. That local bus service that runs every 15 minutes Monday to Saturday near you house may run just every 30 minutes or every hour on Sundays. Some services may not even run on Sundays. Plus if services do run on Sundays, they may finish early as well.

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