How to Beat Castle Darkmoor (Graveyard)

As we all know, a new, more difficult dungeon for the online game called "Wizard101" has come out with a new dungeon called "Castle Darkmoor". After the battle with Malistaire on the comet Xibalba, Malistaire the Undying was blasted away into the depths of Darkmoor. He then challenges you into a duel using the Kan Davasi Law. That law denies anyone who tries to help you into a duel with that person.


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    Have a really good team to complete this dungeon. You all need to know the strategies, and cheats of the bosses. You all need to be synchronized and communication throughout the dungeon. Communication is an important thing for this dungeon
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    For the first boss, Yevgeny, defy his stuns for each blade you cast for your attacker. So just use stun block on the people who are going to blade the attacker. After every 4 rounds, he uses one of the shadow enhanced spells on you with a bubble, blade, and traps on everyone. So you want to blade and trap as fast as possible so that he doesn't cast one of those powerful attacks on you!
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    Take care of the second boss. The second boss in the Graveyard dungeon is Shane von Shane. In the second dungeon of Darkmoor, you see him as the school of death. However he is now storm which will make him way harder to beat. There is a simple strategy that will allow you to kill him in under three rounds! (You need to go first for this one). On the first round, you want the first 2 people to use the spell Choke, so that the minions cannot use any devious spells on you. The third person should blade the storm wizard, causing Shane von Shane to use supercharge with a lot of pips, then the storm should use the spell Steal Charm, to steal his 100% plus blade. On the second round, the storm wizard should mass prism, while the first person only uses choke, and the second wizard use death dispel, then the third wizard should use a feint. On the third and final round, the first three people should blade the storm, while the storm uses either Sirens, Storm Bugs, or possibly Storm lord.
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    Face Malistaire. Now you are at the final, and last battle of the dungeon! Malistaire the Undying has many cheats, but he's not very hard once you have a good strategy. The Dragon Titan takes away your blades every 4 rounds. So in the first 4 rounds, you should blade up the storm wizard, so that he can kill the minions. Once the minions are dead, you should obviously focus primarily on Malistaire. Windstorms, Traps, and Blades should do the trick. Try to keep track of the round so that you don't end up wasting your pips on blades. Right before you attack, have someone use the treasure card version of Doom and Gloom. In his shadow form, he will not be at 99,999 health, instead at being 25,000-30,000 health. Also, at this state, the dragon titan will start to betray malistaire and give a universal 100+ which will help you a lot when killing him. Once you kill him, Wa La! you have completed the dungeon


  • Recommended schools: Life, Death/andor Fire, Balance, and Storm.


  • Many unskilled players lurk on Darkmoor nowadays, so make sure you know them a lot to the point where you can go with them into Graveyard.

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