How to Become a Booking Agent

Booking agents, also known as talent agents, bookers and booking managers, are responsible for securing employment for talent. The talent could be singers, bands, artists or writers. Those who learn how to become a booking agent have excellent earning potential as booking agents for famous artists. However, the employment prospects for becoming a booking agent are fair at best, as the business is difficult to get into.


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    Obtain experience in sales and marketing, preferably in the type of venues where you hope to book talent.
    • If you want to be a booking agent for a band or singer, you should obtain experience at places that would hire them for entertainment, such as bars and restaurants.
    • If you prefer working with artists or authors, working at bookstores, coffee shops or art galleries can help you meet people who will be willing to hire the talent you represent.
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    Learn as much as you can about the industry that has the talent you plan to promote.
    • Booking agents in the music industry must be extremely knowledgeable about the music industry, while those who handle bookings for writers would be well-versed in literature.
    • Artist booking managers would need to know as much as possible about the art world.
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    Attend concerts and other events that showcase local talent.
    • It is much easier to get into the booking agent industry at the local level than attempting to do so in large markets such as Nashville, New York or Los Angeles. Therefore, finding local talent is the best way to start your career as a booking agent.
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    Volunteer for charity events such as concerts, best-of-the-bands contests, art auctions and other fund raisers in the type of talent you choose to become a booking agent for.
    • Volunteer events are an excellent way to find new and upcoming talent and to promote yourself as someone who understands the industry. In addition, volunteering will allow you to learn many behind-the-scenes duties that could help you get the most for your talent.


  • Organizational skills are extremely important for booking managers. Developing a system to track venues you have talked to, talent you are representing and their specialty, as well as good time management skills are absolute necessities in the business. This will help prevent double-booking events or talent or contacting someone more than once about the same thing.
  • Good communication skills are key to becoming a successful booking agent. Learning what customers consider important is vital to your success.


  • There is no educational requirement to become a booking agent. However, courses in business, marketing or contract law are very helpful as booking agents use all of these skills in their line of work.
  • Some states require licensing of booking agents, so check with your state to learn what the requirements are to be licensed.

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