How to Become a Fine Artist

Find your own path, do not let anyone else tell you whether your art is "good" or "bad." There is no such thing as good or bad art, if it comes from your heart, and everyone has a distinct style to their work. Websites such as and www.draws are good for browsing art, and seeing what styles appeal to you as an individual.


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    Paint and take photographs of what you love, of what appeals to you! Why not experiment with nature, everyday objects or people?
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    Do artwork everyday if possible, even if its only for an hour.
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    Get some formal training from a school, if this is not available then why not enroll at a local institute such as a college, and see what day/night courses they offer? Usually there is something to suit everyone, and it's a great way to meet other artists too!
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    Never give up! You can be frustrated but bounce back, as skills like drawing often take time and patience. Not everyone is a natural!


  • Being a Fine artist takes effort, keep practicing your craft!
  • Keep learning, there's always something you didn't know or that can be improved.
  • Be open minded. Not every style of art is for everyone, you may even come across some art styles that you find upsetting or offensive. However, why not try to warm to the style by creating your own price similar? You may still not be fond of said style, but you'll have tried it.
  • Make friends with other artists. Learn from their experience while sharing yours.

Things You'll Need

  • Drawing pencils
  • Paper
  • Sketchbook

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