How to Become a Great Artist

Being a great artist isn't just about good tools or pro education. You can become one at home with simple tools and the right mindset.


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    Get your equipment ready. Well, in this article, I'd call it the Artist Emergency Tools. It should consist of a pencil, an eraser, a sketchpad or any notebook as the primary tools. You should bring these stuff almost everywhere you go. You might find time to sketch here or doodle there.
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    Look for references about stuff you want to draw. If you want to draw animals, just go to a zoo, take an example of your pet bunny, or simply surf the internet. If you want to draw anime, find a good manga and check out the drawings. If you want to draw landscapes, you can go the expensive way and travel around the world looking for beautiful sceneries, or simply sketch out your garden. You can also see How-To videos on YouTube and such.
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    Get practicing. You should start by copying what you see in a more simple way. Sketch at least two pictures a day, but more is better. This way, you'll understand the basics of the things you'll draw slowly, bit by bit.
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    Prepare for more equipment! This time, you might need a black marker (most likely a Drawing Pen - rather pricey but worth it). You should start coloring from now on, so get some color pencil or charcoal and the bunch. You should just prepare what you want to color with, for example: If you want to color your drawing black and white, I'd recommend you use charcoal. If it's watercolor, use paint. You can also just simply use pencil to shade it and such. And also, you need some canvas or paper for you official drawings.
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    Experiment on colors and combine them with your drawings. Draw this in red, add a tint of black, add a bit of yellow to make this look glisten, smudge this to create a glowing effect. You'll come to understand what type of coloring your drawing is suited best for.
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    Once again, get practicing. You might need more practice than before, but the time you'll take is longer, so set up a target, like drawing 6 drawings in a week, and such. This might take a really long time, but with spirit and practice, you might even get better than those pros.
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    Once you've become a great artist, start publishing your work. You should also start a business, like selling your paintings and such. But here's a tip: Give it out for free in the first times, just so others can see your talents. And then, when your popularity has rose, start pricing it!
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    Take it to the next level! You might as well find a job in art. You popularity should've rose, and all of them will asking you for more! Sign in as a cartoonist, a magazine illustrator, a manga artist, or anything suited for your style of drawing! You'll be a star in the art world!
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    Lastly, keep practicing! Even though you've already became a pro, practice makes perfect!


  • Use your imagination too, not just drawing what you see.
  • Practice diligently.
  • Always be optimistic.
  • One important tip: Think of drawing as something you like, something that expresses your true self, and something fun. Over time, you will create a true passion for the arts.
  • Be proud of your work.
  • Take a break once in awhile.
  • Don't copy other people's work but learn from others what you don't know.
  • Cartoons might be a good place to start. They are simple, and there's such a variety of styles you could experiment with (anime, Tex Avery, Disney, etc.). As your abilities increase, it will be an easier transition to more and more realistic styles.


  • One important warning: NEVER draw for money only. Drawing is something you like, remember? It's not the rewards, it's the process!
  • Selling your artworks might not work unless you create something out of the ordinary.

Things You'll Need

  • Two 2B pencils
  • An eraser
  • A black marker
  • Coloring tools
  • A sketchpad/notebook
  • Paper (for Intermediate drawing)

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