How to Become a Health Writer

Advancements in the medical field and a rise in health consciousness, creates a demand for health writers. Health articles are published on the Internet, in journals, in magazines and even in books. Health writing can be performed by doctors, scientists or physical fitness experts with an interest in writing or by good writers and researchers who stay in tune to health and fitness news. Depending upon what type of writer you are, you may have a different path toward publishing your first health and science articles. This article will tell you how to become a health writer.


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    Receive a degree in journalism, science writing, nutrition or a medical field. Most employers will require a degree that has a focus in non-fiction writing and some training in a health field. It is possible to get health writing jobs with an English or other degree, as long as the person is an excellent writer and researcher.
    • Take courses in both writing and science. Some universities offer science writing degrees, which are apt to lead to the best paying writing jobs.
    • Decide if you want to become a technical writer or an article writer. Technical writing often requires training in medical, pharmaceutical and health procedures. Internet article writing requires an understanding of the upcoming trends in the health and fitness sector, but is only a general look at the health topic.
    • Use a medical degree to write about your profession and advancements. The people who are most qualified to write on upcoming health procedures are doctors. If you have received medical training and you have an interest in writing, then you could be in high demand for articles in medical journals, hospitals, websites and pamphlets.
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    Become a nutrition, fitness or health expert. If you have a degree in yoga, physical training, nutrition or another health field and you know how to write, you will be a priority writer because you know the technical terms behind the health field.
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    Do perpetual research on medical procedures and trends. Pay attention to the health sections in major newspapers, subscribe to medical journals and read the newest reports on hospital websites, such as the Mayo Clinic.
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    Develop your writing portfolio. Your writing should be professional quality and you should be familiar with AP, MLA and Chicago styles of writing. Complete sample health writing articles, as most jobs will ask for samples along with a resume and cover letter.
    • Start writing a health and fitness blog. Whether you find yourself unable to get current health writing jobs or you want to get used to writing regularly, a health blog is an excellent way to prove your health writing prowess. Stay abreast of the newest trends and back your opinions with qualified medical sources.
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    Consider getting a certificate through the American Medical Writers Association, at, or through another reputable organization. If you have already been through a university, but you haven't received a science or writing degree, you can go through the Science Fundamentals Certificate Program.
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    Consider joining a guild of writers. Britain has a national Guild of Health Writers, at This independent organization requires a fee, but also provides access to possible health writing jobs and updates in the field.
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    You may be a good health related topics' writer, even though you are still studying in school. Only the passion for writing and research on writing health related issues that matters.

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  • Resume
  • Cover letter
  • Blog
  • Science or writing degree
  • Science Fundamentals Certificate Program
  • Health Writer's Guild

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