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How to Become a Homeopathic Practitioner/homeopath

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Homeopathy is a more than 200-year-old type of alternative medicine that treats individuals with remedies that trigger natural healing. Based on the "Law of Similarity," some people compare homeopathic medicine with immunizations, as both use highly diluted amounts of what causes an illness to treat or prevent the illness. Homeopaths are trained to diagnose and prescribe remedies for acute and chronic conditions. People who are interested in alternative medicine should learn how to become a homeopathic practitioner/homeopath.


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    Learn more about the field of homeopathy.
    • The National Center for Homeopathy publishes a magazine, "Homeopathy Today."
    • Take an introductory course in homeopathy from a program such as the one offered by The National Center for Homeopathy.
    • There are also many books dedicated to the subject of homeopathy.
    • Ask a homeopathic practitioner if you can shadow him or her to learn more.
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    Decide in what manner you want to practice as a homeopath.
    • Some medical practitioners want to add homeopathy as another treatment option in their practice. Licensed practitioners can take 30-to-100 hours of coursework in homeopathy to become a certified homeopath.
    • If you want to specifically become a homeopathic practitioner/homeopath, you should choose a full program.
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    Contact the Council of Homeopathic Education or the Society of Homeopaths about educational and training opportunities in your area.
    • A homeopathy program should include a core program that teaches the core principles and values for homeopathic practitioners.
    • Programs should include learning about the different homeopathic remedies and how to use them.
    • Any program should include supervised clinical practice.
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    Investigate schools of homeopathy to find one that meets your needs.
    • Accredited programs have shown that they meet the criteria of some external professional body.
    • For example, the American Medical College of Homeopathy is an accredited school that offers online and campus-based programs for certification as a homeopath plus a doctoral program in homeopathy.
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    Research alternative medicine programs or naturopath schools to see if a school has a homeopathy track.
    • Look at degree and professional certification programs.
    • Online schools offer flexibility and interactive educational tools to students.
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    Learn by doing. Contact a homeopathic practitioner about the possibility of a teaching/mentoring relationship.

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  • If you're enrolled in an accredited alternative medicine program, find out if you qualify for government financial aid.
  • It takes 3-to-5 years to master homeopathic medicine as a homeopathic practitioner.


  • The full body of scientific research on homeopathy has yet to produce any evidence that homeopathy works better than a placebo. The concepts behind it defy all known laws of physics and medical doctors consider it impossible for homeopathy to benefit any person.

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