How to Become a Psychic

Three Methods:Listening to Your Intuition (Clairvoyance)Leaving It All Behind (Astral Projection)Picking Up Good Vibrations (Psychometry)

Do you spontaneously receive knowledge without any apparent source? By merely touching an object, can you detect information about its owner? If so, you may have a psychic talent. Even if you don't, there are a variety of methods through which you can nurture your psychic abilities. While psychic abilities don't have any real basis in science, if you do wish to explore the psychic world, start by trying one of the following paths.

Method 1
Listening to Your Intuition (Clairvoyance)

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    Be aware of your surroundings. Reach out with your five senses. Your intuition or extrasensory perception (ESP) will operate best when you are actively listening, looking, and feeling the world around you.
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    Focus your energies with specific techniques. There are a variety of tools psychics can employ to uncover the future for themselves or others.
    • Tarot cards can be useful for telling individual fortunes.
    • Gazing into a crystal ball (also known as scrying) can reveal similar truths.
    • Palmistry charts will also allow you to read the fortune of an individual using their hands. The lines of the hand contain important information about life trajectories.
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    Stay open to the possibilities of your clairvoyance. Clairvoyant experiences might take the form of a premonition, knowledge about a particular situation or event, or the ability to see a physical aura around certain individuals.
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    Record any visions or hunches you feel throughout the day. Utilize these revelations to make positive decisions.
    • Don't be alarmed by the sudden arrival of visions or dreams. Clairvoyant psychic energies can reveal the past, present, or future. Some of this information will be immediately intelligible, while some will require thoughtful interpretation.

Method 2
Leaving It All Behind (Astral Projection)

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    Identify the purpose of your astral projection. Are you in search of guidance? Personal growth? Enlightenment?
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    Set the stage. A room lit only by candlelight will provide a quiet, meditative space. A room bathed in moonlight will also bring you peace and give your projection experience an ethereal quality.
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    Assume a comfortable position. Some people like to lie down; others prefer to simply recline in a wide-backed chair or sofa.
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    Obtain an image of the place or time you wish to explore. Try to use an image that has a variety of elements and a high level of detail.
    • If you don't have a good image, or wish to explore an atemporal world, you can simply envision the place you wish to go.[1]
    • You can also achieve astral projection by envisioning your body lying prone, then “zooming out” from the perspective of a balloon rising higher and higher.
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    Focus on the image. Gaze at your chosen image at least thirty minutes. Let your eye wander over each object or element of the image in a slow, repetitive cycle.
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    Chant your personal mantra. This is a short phrase you can use to focus your thoughts and energy. For instance, you might chant "I am present in the moment."
    • You can chant out loud at first, but wind down towards a silent chant.
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    Close your eyes and reach out to the universe. Picture yourself in the time or place you wish to explore, or visiting the individual you want to contact.
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    Reengage with your physical body. One tried and true method is to envision yourself falling down into your physical body again. You could also simply envision your physical body in the place you left it and recognize your desire to return to it. [2]

Method 3
Picking Up Good Vibrations (Psychometry)

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    Have a partner bring you a series of unfamiliar objects. If you're just starting out, small metal objects work best. For more advanced practice, you might use unwashed clothing.
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    Arrange them in front of you and focus on each one in sequence. Let your eye travel from one object to the next, staying conscious of the initial feelings or impressions you get from each.
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    Get comfortable. Take a few deep, cleansing breaths. Relax into a seated position and close your eyes.
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    Take an object in your hands. Turn it over and open your mind to the history it contains. If you see or hear anything, let your partner know.[3] Repeat with all objects and check for verification later.
    • Try to identify the gender, age, and race of the owner.
    • Report your impressions with accuracy and ask your partner for verification.
    • Don't fret if you don't get any impressions. Not every object will inspire a vision.


  • Be sure to channel positive thoughts and disregard unhelpful ones.
  • Interact with other psychics to learn how you might improve your own experience and practices.
  • Foster an awareness of yourself and your surroundings. Psychic ability is a sixth sense which can best be harnessed when your five traditional senses are operating at optimal capacity.[4]
  • You might find yourself called to be a psychic, rather than actively choosing to channel your energies into becoming one.[5] Embrace the opportunity and explore your abilities at a comfortable pace when you are ready.
  • Everyone has different paths to unlocking their psychic abilities. Try a variety to find out where your psychic strength lies.
  • Learn to trust your instincts. Don't be afraid to follow the path revealed by your psychic adventures.
  • If you're experiencing a psychic block, check the astrological calendar. Celestial events can interfere with psychic energy. Cleanse your psychic energy by fasting, adopting a whole-foods diet, or cloistering yourself away for a period of mindful meditation.[6]


  • During psychic wanderings, be careful not to overstretch your silver cord. The silver cord is the link between your astral self and your physical self. Breaking the silver cord ends in death.[7]
  • Remember: psychic abilities and experiences of any kind are not accepted as scientifically valid.

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