How to Become a Sheath Knight in Elsword

Two Parts:Undertake the Path to KnighthoodBecome a Sheath Knight

Sheath Knight is the 3rd first class advance job for Elsword. Unlike Magic Knight and Sword Knight, Sheath Knight is more focused on two sword wielding. Many players prefer using this character for PvP because of its balanced Physical Attack and Health Points.

Part 1
Undertake the Path to Knighthood

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    Go to the Elder Village. There are two parts of the quest in order for you to become a Sheath Knight. First, you need to take the Knighthood chain quest in order to unlock the next phase.
    • Before anything, remember that in order for this quest to be available, you need to use Elsword that is Level 15 or above. Otherwise, the quest won't appear in your Quest Log. If you're qualified, go to Elder Village to talk to Lenphad.
    • Lenphad is the Equipment Shop NPC found at the upper right of the map, a few steps away from Echo, the Alchemist.
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    Enter the Suburb of Wally's Castle. After talking to Lenphad, he will give you a set of quests to be completed before turning you into a Knight.
    • Your first task will be killing 15 Bomber Mongs at the Suburb of Wally's Castle. There's no difficulty limit. You can do this quest either in solo or with party.
    • It's more advisable to take the quest under Hard Level or Higher to finish the other quest within one dungeon run.
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    Hunt for Jango and Kid Phoru. Aside from killing 15 Bomber Mongs, Lenphad will also ask you to kill 14 Jango and Kid Phoru at the Suburb of Wally's Castle. However, this kill quest is only available in Hard or Higher Dungeon Level so make sure to do this with a party rather than hunting alone.
    • Kid Phoru monsters are the ones who uses torch to burn you while Jango uses melee attack. They appear in every floor, even summoned at the last floor of the Castle.
    • As mentioned at the second quest, this can be completed along with the 15 Bomber Mongs.
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    Go back to the Elder Village. After you have completed the quest, go back to Elder Village and speak to the Accessory Shop Owner, Luichel. This NPC can be found at the west part of the village, just near the field portal.
    • She will reward you for your hard work and then give you the last quest for Knighthood. Before jumping into the dungeon, make sure you have bought enough potions and repair all your equipment.
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    Complete Wally's Castle. The last part of the Knighthood quest requires you to complete Wally's Castle within 15 minutes under the Very Hard level. This quest can be done with a party or even with players with higher base level compared to the dungeon.
    • If you know anyone who is already Level 30 or more, you can ask for their help to clear the dungeon before the given time runs out. After the completion of your quest, head back to NPC Luichel and she will turn you into a Knight.

Part 2
Become a Sheath Knight

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    Talk to the Great Merchant. After completing the Knight Chain Quest, you can now choose either Sword Knight, Magic Knight, or Sheath Knight. For this, choose Sheath Knight by talking to Hoffman, or through your Quest Log which can be found at the lower right menu.
    • Hoffman is the Great Merchant of Elder Village, found at the upper level, middle of the map, and next to Luriel. Before he change your job to Sheath Knight, he will give you three tests in different dungeons.
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    Enter the Underground Waterway. Under the Very Hard Level, your first quest requires you to enter the Underground Waterway, slay the monsters and complete the dungeon run within 10 minutes.
    • This is easier to complete if you have a full house party or with characters which huge DPS such as Mage and Archer. Aside from having a full house raid, you can ask your high level friends to help you or search for aid from Guild Members.
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    Go to Suburb of Wally's Castle. On the second part, go back to the Suburb of Wally's Castle but this time, you are required to kill the monsters and clear the dungeon under the Very Hard Level with no time limit.
    • You can finish the raid while in a group or party, so take your time in completing this part and make sure to keep your eye out for any rare drop.
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    Kill Wally No. 8. Wally's Castle is the last dungeon in the Elder Village map. The map will be unlocked if you have successfully cleared the Suburb Wally's Castle.
    • For the last leg of the quest, you are required to collect a quest item from Wally No. 8. This item will be automatically picked up and counted but the drop rate can be very low depending on the character's luck. Because of the low drop rate, it's advisable to do the dungeon run with your high level friends or guild mates.
    • Aside from collecting the quest item, this must be done under the Very Hard Level only, or else the quest item won't drop.
    • After completing the quest, return to Hoffman in the Elder Village and he will change you into a Sheath Knight.


  • Wally No. 8 has a huge range so the best approach for this boss is to fight head on. Just make sure to avoid his missile and laser attack. Use skills that can stun monsters if possible to cancel his moves.

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