How to Become a Star Pupil

Have you ever wanted to become a star pupil? A teacher's pet? This article will give you a rough guide.


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    Think about what you're good at and what you're not so good at. Think about the areas that you need to work on. Is it your organisation? Do you need to hand your essays in on time? Figure out your weak points, and brainstorm strategies for overcoming or getting around them.
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    Show your interest in the subject matter. Raise your hand often, and participate in class discussions. Consider taking initiative to learn more outside of class. Your teacher will appreciate your effort.
    • Study regularly, so you stay on top of the material.
    • Teachers also like pupils who try to find out more about the subject, not just what you're learning. Find something that particularly interests you about the subject matter: for example, if you're discussing civil rights in history class, maybe you'd love to read about the disability rights movement. You can then use your improved knowledge in class discussions and essays.
    • At the end of the semester, if you are close to specific grade but not quite there, your teacher may decide to bump you up if you participated a lot. For example, a B+ could turn into an A- for effort.
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    Stay organized and neat. Keep your books and assignments organized, and maintain a clean desk that is comfortable for studying.
    • Come up with a clear organization system for your books and papers, so that you don't lose anything. (For example, science is the pink folder, history is the blue folder, homework is the red folder...)
    • Make sure that your handwriting is large and neat enough to read.
    • Take good care of your books and papers. Try to avoid bending or scuffing them.
    • Develop good study habits, so you stay prepared.
    • Look neat—shower regularly, use deodorant, tuck in your shirt, and wear clothes that are comfortable and the correct size.
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    Be timely. Set your alarm early, so that you can take your time getting ready for school, and don't be late. Turn in your homework on (or before) the due date, and if there is an emergency, explain and ask for an extension. Teachers tend to be understanding, especially if you have a health situation or family emergency that is interfering with your work.
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    Remember to take time for yourself. School is important, but not all-consuming, and it's important to maintain balance in your life. Engage in your hobbies, hang out with your friends, and give yourself plenty of time to relax.
    • Don't worry about one bad test score, missed assignment, or snag in your quest for academic greatness. You are human, not a knowledge-gathering machine, and bad days happen to everyone. It's important not to let your desire for achievement ruin your mental health.
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    Treat your peers with kindness and compassion. If you act like others are beneath you, people will quickly stop liking you. However, if your teachers see you treating others with respect, they'll recognize what a good person you are.

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