How to Become a Successful Year 7 Student

Whether you are starting a new High School, or just moving up a year in Middle School, Year 7 is sometimes where regular problems start. Read this article and you will become a successful Year 7 student!


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    Make an impression. Have good hygiene; shower, brush your teeth, even consider braces. Wear nice, clean and ironed clothes every day, and have a good attitude and good grades. People will admire you, and teachers will be excited to have you in their class.
    • Don't develop bad habits. Biting your nails, and picking your nose are terrible, disgusting habits. Avoid doing them once to stop them becoming a habit, because people will steer very clear of your way if they find out these things
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    Be organized. Buy all materials that you need for class, such as pens, pencils, books, etc. Make sure you get caught up on everything that you will need to know for school over any holidays or vacations. Also, check with the school about any extra equipment you might need. Read Be a Responsible Student for more information.
    • Buy a lovely new bag, one that is not too cheesy or weird. Also, buy a medium sized bag, so you don't look too strange with a small bag, or so you don't knock people out with a big one!
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    • Organize your locker. A locker is like a bedroom. Keep it nice and tidy, and take all your things home every weekend so that the cleaner can clean it.
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    • Keep it tidy! Carry around a folder to put your things in, but only your school things and possibly one or two things that you want to show your friends.
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    Get good grades. The whole point of school is to learn, so make sure that you are on top of your tests, quizzes, homework, papers, etc. School comes before anything, including friendships and clothing. You should do you homework as soon as you get home, and take your report card seriously. Know that your grades always come first.
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    Follow the rules. Rules make a difference. So follow them! For girls, if you're not allowed your hair down, tie it up or if you're not allowed earrings, accept that rule! For boys, don't bring skateboards into school if you're not allowed them-you really won't be in the teacher's good books!
    • Help your teacher out. If some kids have gone to their extra maths lesson during registration, write their names on the board so the teacher doesn't mark them as absent. Also, ask for jobs from the teacher, she will be happy to give you some, so long as you don't ask too frequently.

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    Follow the fashion! Develop your own style and your own twist of fashion, but be sure to follow any rules that your school has. If you have a uniform, jazz it up a bit and be fashionable! Make sure to wear clean and non-wrinkled clothes every day. Remember, clothes are not the most important thing.
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    Have friends. Make friends with everybody, this way you will get invited to all the parties and nobody will talk badly behind your back. Don't talk behind anybody else's though because somebody will eventually tell them! It is important to have friends to lean on.


  • Smile! Then everyone will have a good impression about you

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