How to Become an Elegant Woman

Many woman want to be seen by others as an elegant woman. To be elegant means to be pleasingly graceful, stylish in appearance, and have good manners. Here are some tips and steps to help you change your look and be seen as an elegant woman.


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    Think elegantly. If you want to change your look and demeanor, start thinking of yourself the way you want to be perceived. Carry yourself gracefully and in a ladylike manner. Sit and stand with thorough poise. Above all, never think about yourself in a negative way. If you have made a mistake, apologize and repent and then let it go. Do not let repentance, sadness or insecurity take over your life. To be elegant, you must be esteemed. So think elegantly and let your sophistication flow with you!
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    Be mindful of poise and deportment. Taking up ballet or ballroom dancing will help you to keep your poise and body deportment in check. Practice sitting up straight regularly. Never have significantly unsophisticated posture, but take some moments to yourself to relax. Try not to stress yourself considerably, even though elegant posture is necessary. Pull your shoulders slightly back, lift your head up a little, straighten your back, and walk like that! Other people will be considerably impressed at the way you carry yourself. Remember that even one hour of having good posture can impress fifty people. Work on it.
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    Take pride in your appearance. Wearing a nice dress from time to time can help. It's nice to wear skirts more often but make sure your skirts or shorts aren't too short.
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    Take care of your body. Having good hygiene is very important. Take good care of your hair. Use conditioner to keep your hair healthy. Brush your teeth and use deodorant, so that you smell fragrant and fresh. You can wear up-dos some days that are nice and sophisticated.
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    Use makeup and foundations that appear natural. Use concealer, foundation, and powder that are close to your skin tone, so that you look fresh and not tacky. Use a natural-colored eye shadow and lipstick - nothing too bright or gaudy. Eyeliner and mascara should not be used excessively.
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    Understand that your wardrobe is also very important to the way people see you. If your garments are unrefined, people will naturally think of you as unrefined. If you wear elegant, sophisticated clothes, other people will take you to be the elegant lady you are.
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    Wear good clothes. Avoid clothes that are loose, dirty, stained, or damaged. Wear blouses and beautiful, flowing shirts instead of t-shirts. Avoid trendy clothes, such as jeans. Wear your skirts at or below the knee.
    • Blouses are a great everyday wear with tailored pants, skirts and dark jeans
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    • All clothes should be clean, neat and never wrinkled
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    • If you're playing a sport, Lacoste style shirts and khaki shorts that are just above knee-length are great.
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    Wear the right size of clothing; nothing too small or too large. Choose clothes made of nice fabric. Make sure the fabric is not too thin or cheap-looking. Try to wear clothing made with a soft material such as satin, silk, cotton, modal, or cashmere. You should also avoid clothing made with thick materials like velvet. Keep a nice, happy medium in your comfort zone.
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    Dress in classic colors like beige, red, navy blue, emerald green, white, and pink champagne. Other elegant color combinations include blue and gold, pink and white, and white and teal sea-foam. Keep it simple. Do not use clothes that are too heavy with a lot of details and patterns.
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    Stay classy. Do not wear clothes that reveal too much skin, are too tight, or use materials that look low class (Baggy, fuzzy fabric, etc.)( there is nothing wrong with leopard or any other animal print, some women can pull off the look and wear it well). If you dress this way, you may end up looking cheap and/or garish. It may also make you look like you're trying too hard to be elegant.
    • For an evening party, a formal dress or gown with a bold lipstick color can be a good choice. Choose a neat hairstyle and be sure your clothes look neat. Wear a nice perfume. Use scented perfume that is not too overpowering. Your perfume does not need to be expensive. Perfume that smells like roses or jasmine is very elegant. Stand up straight and do not slouch.
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    Wear accessories. Select accessories that compliment your outfit without looking overdone. For example, do not wear earrings that are too wide and big, or large heavily diamond-encrusted necklaces.
    • Be subtle. Accessories, make up, perfume and hair should never be over the top.
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    Keep being classy and refined. A truly elegant lady will always show refinement, grace, and elegance whether they wear jeans or an evening dress. this article will help you to be more refined.
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    Ask your friends to avoid using your old pet names or nicknames. Instead, ask them respectfully to use your name. You can say "Please don't call me that" or "I would prefer if you would address me by my name". If you do these things it should work for you.
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    Keep good manners at all times. Being an elegant woman is a lifestyle choice rather than simply a style. It is an every day thing.
    • Speak well. Instead of saying "Nice design in your room", say "The design of your room is refined, intricate and simply lovely". A truly elegant woman has no need to swear, use vulgar language, or slang.


  • Make sure your clothes are clean, and that both you and your clothes smell good. Go light on the perfume.
  • Surround yourself with women that are like you, elegant women do not associate with women that are not, nor wish to be, embarrassed by friends who are not poised and tasteful.
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  • Never act like you're better than others who are not so classy. An elegant woman exhibits class in every area of their life.

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