How to Become Baptist

Three Parts:Researching Other DenominationsFinding a ChurchInquiring

So, you want to become Baptist? There are many Baptist denomination which include Southern Baptist, American Baptist, Primitive Baptist, Free Will Baptist, Community Baptist and Independent Baptist, with no Baptist denomination. Since each Baptist church is autonomous, becoming a Baptist may be slightly different in each congregation—but this is what would typically be the way of becoming a part of a Baptist church.

Part 1
Researching Other Denominations

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    Look into other denominations, not just Baptist. There are many other beautiful denominations out there. These include, Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Lutheran, Anglican (similarly Episcopal), Methodist, Presbyterian, United Christian, Churches of Christ; Church of God and Assembly of God called "full gospel" (and other Pentecostal groups), "nondenominational" and many others.
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    Ask for their sheet of beliefs called fundamental beliefs, basic tenets, "Statement of Fundamental Truths", "What we believe" or such.
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    If you have decided that you are picking Baptist, make sure you do one last check. Compare Baptist theology to the Bible and to the early church to make sure you feel 100% on becoming a Baptist.
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    Decide which Baptist denomination you want to pick. There are many of them so it may take a while to decide. The biggest denomination of Baptist is the Southern Baptist Convention, so you may want to join them.

Part 2
Finding a Church

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    Look online for a Baptist Church near you, and decide when to attend it.
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    Attend that particular church and decide whether you want to stay. If you decide you don't like it, look for other churches.

Part 3

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    Talk to the Pastor about becoming Baptist, and he will give you instructions.
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    He'll ask you if you have accepted Jesus into your heart. If you have, you're all set with that part. If you have not, he may ask you to say a simple prayer accepting Jesus. After that you're done.
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    Next you want to get baptized, you may have already become Christian according to Baptists, but you have not become "baptist" yet. You will become a "baptist" when you're baptized. So make a date with the Pastor on when your baptism will be and then get baptized.


  • You can ask about joining that church. Then you might vote on the building fund, at business meetings, electing board members, and such. Some churches have a constitution or set of "by laws" to say how such matters work. That varies from church to church.
  • Some Baptist churches will accept you as a Baptist once you accept Jesus as your savior, or say that you have already accepted him. They will not require you to be baptized after that.


  • You may be considered a Baptist once you get baptized, but your church attendance will not be counted and recorded unless you attend Sunday School and get on the attendance role sheet there.
  • Baptism is by full immersion, so hold your breath!
  • Each church shares most of the same theology, but each Baptist church may differ over things concerning Calvinism and Arminianism, or over the real presence in the Eucharist.

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