How to Become Minister of Faith

There are many ways to become a Minister. 1). an accredited school of theology, 2) online ordination of ministry and 3) basic certificate training from non-accredited school. These are just a few of the ways.


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    Consider online ordination. Most of the online organizations (ministries and churches) will ordain you for free or with little cost out of pocket unless you want a certificate or other items from the organization. You will have all the powers of a church, such as the Universal Life Church, to legally perform marriages, funerals, baptisms, etc. Although some rules and laws vary from place to place. There are no classes to take and no need to have an understanding of the bible any more than the next person has. This does not prepare you for ministry in the least bit. It is just a short-cut to becoming ordained.
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    Take classes from an accredited school of theology. This will take years to complete and thousands of dollars. But, this is the proper way to train and become fully aware of what it means to be a minister as well as have a full understanding of the bible. There are many things that go with being a minister/ pastor/ reverend. You need to understand about spiritual counseling, public speaking, as well as the business side of things.
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    Seek training from an non-accredited school. Be careful of this. Many may be a "fly-by-night" operation or just does not meet the needed training course minimum that accredited school must. Therefore, their certificates and degrees are not worth any more than the paper it is printed on.
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    If you seriously want to become a minister, especially one of a certain faith or denomination, talk to your minister and explain your desire to become ordained. Certain faiths and denominations require you to be a member of their church for one year, must be referred to the crediting board by the minister of a church within that denomination, must be granted approval by the board, get accepted into school, graduate with a certain grade point average, etc. etc. etc. But this is not only to assure your knowledge of the church and bible but, to make sure this is your desire.
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    Consider your own and other churches. Any church can ordain you as a minister. Some just have more rules than others; however, even denominations like the Unitarian Universalist Association has rules about education and training requirements to meet to have fellowship in good standing, even if ordinations are performed by individual congregations.
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    Decide what faith/denomination you desire and talk with a minister from the church.

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