How to Become the Head Cheerleader

Are you longing to become the head cheerleader? Read on to find out how you can achieve this goal!


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    Always smile! Remember, you're a cheerleader, and cheerleaders are supposed to keep up team spirit. Nobody likes to see a dull cheerleader.
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    Know your jumps. The basic ones are: toe touch, right hurdler, and left hurdler, pike and straight jumps. Make sure these jumps are clean and your toes are pointed, not flexed and your legs are always straight. Also, remember to land clean.
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    Know your motions. The basic motions are: high and low V, T and broken T, candlesticks and daggers. Make sure these motions are sharp.
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    Learn tumbling. Cartwheels, round-offs, handstands, and forward and backward rolls are just the basics. Try to take a tumbling class and learn back handsprings, back tucks and even fulls to help improve your cheering ability. The more ability you have the more you will stand out as a team member.
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    Be a role model. Never be rude, but be firm and stand on your own two feet.
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    Get ready for stunts. Be sure that you're strong enough to hold another 60- 95 lbs. If you are a flyer, make sure your knees are always locked. Without doing your role as a flyer or base you can really hurt yourself and the other members.
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    Listen to your cheer coach, and try your best to get the routine down as perfect as you can.
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    Always try your best and be there for your other teammates. Trying your hardest and being well liked increase your chances of becoming head cheerleader.


  • Practice your routine in front of the mirror for about a half hour every night. It may feel weird watching yourself, but in the long run it really helps. Coaches won't choose a girl that doesn't know the routine!
  • Do not have a bad attitude or be the type that causes drama. That is the last thing coaches need. This is not Bring It On.
  • Always smile! Remember, you are a cheerleader in front of a crowd of people. It is important to make the crowd feel excited and happy to be there.
  • Keep your grades up.
  • Keep your toes pointed. It does help a lot.
  • Be sharp.
  • Have fun!
  • Become friendly with all the girls on the team because some high schools have the team and coach vote for head cheerleader.
  • Take a few dance classes or yoga classes before tryouts. These classes can make you more flexible. Also, stretch for 10- 15 minutes every night and morning to stay flexible!
  • Never put your self down.
  • Be loud.
  • Be peppy.
  • Be really kind to others so you look like a role model.
  • A gymnastics background can give you an advantage! If you get a roundoff back-handspring or even a back tuck, your coach might consider you from the beginning.
  • Be loud at a game so the crowd can hear you. Make sure your voice is loud and clear, rally the crowd to show their support.


  • There are risks as far as tumbling and stunting go. Make sure that you are comfortable with your coaches' requirements before trying out for the Varsity squad.
  • Remember that being the head cheerleader isn't the most important thing. As long as you're part of the team, that's what counts!

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