How to Behave in an Arcade

An arcade is available for anyone of any age, to use, and enjoy. It is a fun place, but usually does attract kids who run around, yell and push. They might change their attitude by watching all the others behave and have fun.


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    Wait your turn. If a game is being played by others, wait until they're finished before you attempt to play. Do not crowd them, or make them feel as if they have to rush. They have paid to play the game, and are just as entitled to enjoy it as you are. If they feel like you are too close to them, they might complain to arcade staff or security for breaking people's private space.
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    Do not crowd anyone. Maintain a reasonable distance between yourself and the person when you watch another player. Watch, but do not give them hints on how to play the game because it makes the game boring. It takes away the enjoyment and the challenge of the game itself. Think about how you would feel if someone did that to you,and do the same for them that's not very nice.
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    Look around. Find other games that are not as popular so you can play while you are waiting but don`t spend all of your money. Play them if you are really anxious to play so you will have something to play while waiting. Come back to the one you had your eye on, after those waiting to play have already finished you play.
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    Appear friendly and willing to challenge anyone it make it more fun for everyone. Don't be upset if you lose.
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    Keep your cash safe. Money you plan to spend in the arcade should be kept separate from money you need to get home or have planned to spend on something else. Not only does this make it less tempting to overspend, it helps avoid someone else making off with your money and from you spending it on those unhealthy snacks at the snack bar.
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    Don't swear or hit the game. No matter how hard a game can be, you could get kicked out because it would be abusing the game and those machines cost LOTS of money. In professional gaming, it's a foul.


  • Don't mock or talk down to weaker players it hurts there feelings. They have the same right to play as you because they paid to play the game. Doing so will also harm the arcade industry because you're driving away potential customers so if you drive those people way some little kid might starve because there parents did not have enough money.
  • Place a quarter on the rim of the machine to signal your place in line and that its your turn.
  • Wipe down the buttons when finished if your hands are greasy or sweaty because no one wants to put there clean hands on those greasy buttons and you often sweat through your hands while playing video games.
  • Don't complain about cheap moves in player-vs-player games. What you may consider to be a dirty tactic, could be a widely accepted strategy among tournament players that know they game better than you and it brings a challenge. Until you can play at a tournament level, you have no right to say what is "cheap" and what is not because that is offensive to the other players who are tournament level.
  • If you want to save money, try Nickelmania. Most games only cost 25 cents now days, hence the name.
  • Always wait your turn no matter how new the game is. You should do it even if it came out just now! If you don't, you're basically rushing the person in front of you.


  • Be careful when placing a quarter on the rim of the machine. If someone is also waiting for the game, they may decide to take your quarter while you are not looking.
  • Avoid eating when you're just about to play a game (although some arcades wont let you eat or drink inside them); you drop your salsa or smoothie onto the console, and you'll get lip from the owner. Or, maybe just get laughed at by other kids.
  • Some people get angry at unwanted challenges even though it's accepted arcade etiquette.

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  • A game face
  • A straight face
  • A mask (optional)

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