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Mainstream hip-hop music has taken over today's music and club scenes. Music is constantly evolving and so are the dances that go with it. Booty dancing evolved from the break dancing craze of the late 1980s and early 1990s, recently becoming a signature move with the stampede of hip-hop-influenced pop music that has since become popular throughout the country. If you want to go dancing at clubs, bars or even in your own home, learning to booty dance is easy, fun and a great exercise. Both men and women can learn how to booty dance, too, and if you are looking to catch that special someone's eyes while out on the town, knowing the right dance moves is absolutely essential.


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    Hear the music. Booty dancing is all about rhythm. If you are off the beat of the song you are dancing to, it will not sync well with the rest of the dance floor, and may become off time itself. The meter of the song is the rhythm that you want to dance with.
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    Bend your knees. Stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart and add just a slight bend to your knees. This will trigger the rest of the motions.
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    Alternate with your chest and hips. Start with your hips. Like most forms of dancing, booty dancing is all about the hips. Move your hips backward so that your booty protrudes out behind you. While doing this, though, make sure you puff your chest out at the same time. Use your shoulders to enunciate your chest. Make the motion fluid and use your knees to balance and push you while you do this back and forth motion.
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    Add some direction to your move. Now when you pull forward and back, take it to the side a bit, alternating to the right and left. Now you are no longer just bouncing there, but actually dancing.
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    Put your hands in the air. You may hold your arms chest high with your hands in front of your chest and your elbows out or, alternatively just keep your hands in front of you.
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    Bounce with the rhythm. Bend your knees up and down as you do the back and forth motion. If you become more advanced, you can try methodically working your way up and down while you dance. This may be hard on your knees, but will win you respect on the dance floor every time.


  • Try practicing in front of a mirror before heading out to the club this weekend. By giving yourself a glimpse on your own moves, it will be easier to spot the faults in your methods and improve quickly. Fluidity is the key, and if you look like a robot while you are booty dancing, it won't be natural.

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