How to Bowl the Doosra

Two Methods:

Are you ready to learn how to bowl the doosra? There's more than one way to do it. Trying out both methods of releasing the ball should help you figure out which one helps you bowl more accurately. After a little practice, you'll be bowling the doosra like a pro!

Method 1

The first method involves bowling the ball with either a scrambled seam or perpendicular seam (i.e. the seam is more or less perpendicular to the direction of the ball's motion). Here's how to do it.

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    Hold the ball like a fast bowler normally would, with the index and middle fingers on either side of the seam. For better ball control, the index finger should just about touch the seam. The thumb may rest on the ball but usually does not contribute to delivery. The remaining two fingers are used to hold the ball in place. The run-up involved in bowling the doosra is the same as in a normal off-break.
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    Towards the end of rotation, position the bowling arm vertically and close to the head. Position the wrist at the highest point, the palm of the hand facing left (roughly towards the cover position). Just before release, bend the wrist inward. Deliver the ball by moving the index finger downwards over the ball, thus imparting overspin towards the direction of first slip or the point.

Method 2

The second method of the doosra is slightly harder to bowl, but when done correctly enables the bowler to drift the ball into a right-handed batsman (and away from a left-hander). The grip is the same for this type of doosra, the only thing that differs is the arm position and release.

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    Position the arm away from the body (a 'slingy' rotation helps).
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    Till the highest point of rotation the arm and wrist movement are similar to that of a regular off-break.
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    Release the ball by quickly rotating or 'flicking' the wrist anticlockwise about a vertical axis so that the palm now faces backward, in the direction from batsman to bowler.
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    Deliver the ball by straightening the index and middle fingers (spin is imparted by the flicking or rotation of the wrist).
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    To get the ball to turn after pitching, point the index and middle fingers slightly leftward while releasing the ball.
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    By keeping the seam steady (from a lot of practice), drift (or swing) the ball from left to right.


  • There are many techniques in this ball. You can master them by practicing it.
  • Practise everyday.Your balling will become better than last one.
  • Bend the torso leftward slightly so as to release the ball from a good position.
  • For better accuracy, keep the palm of the hand away the ball at any time.


  • Be sure to keep someone with you who can make sure your arm bend is 15 degrees (or less) as this delivery can result in chucking.

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