How to Boy Proof Your Room (Preteen Girls)

Ever get annoyed about some boy trying to get into your room just to mess it up so you get in trouble? Ever want to get rid of those pesky screw-up boys once and for all? Here's how!


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    Know what type of boys you want to avoid. Do you hate lame nerds? Do you despise dumb troublemakers? Make a list of what troublemakers (etc.) live in your house or in your dormitory? Make sure you don´t out anyone nice.
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    Add decorations you know those boys will never want to touch. Try using their phobias, like spiders,or something that brings back memories like the time you "accidentally" spilled glitter all over his shirt during the school dance.
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    When the boy comes inside (if he dares) put on a chain to resemble something he hates. For example, a geeky boy could have a test paper which you know he got a bad mark on, or a string of hearts to remind him of the crush that hated him. Attach it across your walls and casually ask what it means to him.He will stutter and make up a lie.
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    Take a box and put something that he hates in it. For example, a girly ballerina dress. Or even a fake love letter written by his enemy (preferably a boy) to him. Even better, put in an embarrassing drawing. Plus points if he is with friends! Double Victory!
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    Choose a smell he hates, along with some girly decorations. If you hate tough kids, soft smells are nice. If you despise the lovey-doves put on pessimistic scribbles. Depending on the type of boy, you should find a smell/decoration that does not fit the boy´s personality type. However, as long as it´s girly and you like it (but boys don´t), add it. or
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    Put on a girly song and play it. The more sappy, the better! Take a girl artist, like Taylor swift or Lady Gaga and take her most girly hit. If you want to get to (Oh no!) the extreme, put on a song from a baby show like Hello Kitty or My Little Pony! Even better if the boy hated that show..
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    Have reminders like " You are too old for princesses, Johnny!" or "Don't forget to use shampoo, Gregory!". Use the boy's name instead of these. If you want to scare them more, use objects. For example, a little princess dress or a shelf of shampoo. This will scare and humiliate them.
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    Bring his crush. He will not want to be in a room with his lover. If you want to ruin his reputation, blow kissy faces and make hearts. Even better, embarrass him with secrets, or just by dancing with him madly. Tell the girl about his private life, and reveal the stupid things he did as a child! If he is a baby, create moments to mock him for when he gets older!
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    Make comments. Talk rudely to the boy, and mock his behavior. Say, 'Enjoy the room?' or something mockingly sweet so he understands that he shouldn't be such a dumbo. If his crush is still here, make up some lie about his interests, so she will give him the wrong things. Even better, let her hear the comments and think he is mean to his sister! That the crush won't like!
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    If the boy is being rude or ruining your stuff, don't let it get to you. Just give him an evil glare and say 'Stop ruining your favourite items!' or something. You don't really want to be bullied by the annoying boy! Keep doing or pointing at the annoying things, and he will leave. If he punches you, tell your parents!
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    Now, choose what to do when the boy is away! Watch a movie, get a board game with your girl friends, or read a book. get some snacks like chips, popcorn, or nuts! You can do something boyish, as long as the boy isn't there! If you want, plan your ideas for next time! Or, make the things even more annoying. If you are watching television, watch a loud comedy that you like!


  • Use perfumes that smell really sweet.
  • Use pink and purple glitter.
  • Use small spray bottles so you can conceal them.
  • Coat your sign in lip gloss too.


  • Make sure that the boy really gets the message.
  • Don't do it if parents are near your room.
  • If you throw stuff make sure that it's soft.
  • If you like the boy at all, DO NOT humiliate him in front of his friends! That is the one thing a boy can never, ever forgive.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Glitter
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Perfume
  • Music
  • Spray Bottles

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