How to Break Anything on Minecraft Survival

Have you ever run into something really cool in a cave or whilst mining? Like diamond ore or something cool like that, but you can't break it because you only have a wooden pickaxe? In such a case, this article will show you how to break anything with anything!


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    Be on Peaceful mode so the game will not get confused when you are transferring game modes whilst in Survival mode. You'll get the point of this soon.
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    Type /gamerule GamemodesStay. Using this code will lock your game mode to Survival, so that when you switch to Creative later on, it will stay on Survival.
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    Keep Minecraft running in the background. Go to your files and type in %appdata% . You will see a list of files––click on the one that says .minecraft, then open it. Inside, scroll down to the file saves. This is where all your worlds are saved. Open the file.
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    When you open it, click on the file that says Player Data. The next bit is hard, so you'll have to do this carefully. Open Player Data and open your account with notepad++ (you'll have to download that). Copy and paste this file in the code:
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    Save the file, close it and close Minecraft. Then, open Minecraft and go to the world you were just on. You can break stuff instantly, just as on Creative even though you're on Survival. When you break blocks, you won't lose them; they will go into your inventory. Brilliant!


  • Put your game on peaceful mode to begin with. It will only work from this mode.

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