How to Breed Petz in Petz 5

Do want to create a new breed without hexing? Or do you simply want a few cute kitties/puppies? Then you are at the right article!


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    Pick 2 petz that are adults. Or you could pick 2 Petz fresh from the adoption center and use PetzA to age them easily. Do not breed Catz and Dogz together. You can mix and match breeds, though.
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    Go to the family room play-scene and clean it up. Turn on the fireplace and take out the coziest pillows you own, love potion or perfume, and a music box. Turn on the music box and put on a romantic song.
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    Take out the Petz. Spray them both with love potion/perfume, and wait for at least 1-2 minutes.
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    Spray the Petz with love potion/perfume one last time, then do something else for a while. Simply distract yourself.
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    After 30-45 minutes, there should be a red heart on the computer screen, announcing your female's pregnancy.
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    Your puppies or kitties should be born about 2-4 days later. To see the puppies/kitties once they are born, take out the mother. A birth certificate should pop up as well. Have fun!


  • Alley cats have a harder time breeding, especially with other cat breeds.
  • If you keep extra Petz in a folder, you can bring them back whenever you'd like!
  • She might not eat, and that is okay. Try to offer some milk first, and if she still does not eat, just be nice to her and give her plenty of attention.
  • During the mother's pregnancy, she will be picky with what she eats and will probably walk like a penguin. Be gentle and caring, and don't abuse her if she is disobedient. Just be patient.
  • If you can't keep all the Petz, store them in a separate folder or put them up for adoption.
  • You might have a litter of up to 4 Petz!
  • Be ready to take care of all of your kitties or puppies!


  • Don't speed up time on your computer, it might ruin your game, or your female might get stuck in her pregnancy.
  • This may not always work. You might have to try it several times before it works.
  • Try not to use PetzA as much as possible. It might ruin your game.

Things You'll Need

  • A computer
  • The game Petz 5
  • 2 Petz
  • A separate folder (optional)

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