How to Brighten Your Day

It's natural to have days when you feel lousy, drowsy and dull. Everybody has days like this - it's an unavoidable part of life that just won't give up. Fortunately, there are many ways to brighten up a dreary day - and this article tells you how!


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    Try listening to some cheerful music. A lot of happy songs increase endorphins and dopamine, which in turn help us to feel good. Comedy theme-tunes, such as that of 'The Simpsons', 'F.R.I.E.N.D.S.', 'The Flintstones' and 'Fawlty Towers' are a few suggestions to cheer you up. Try listening to songs by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass; they have jolly, flamboyant rhythms and are a wonderful way to make you feel merrier. One of the best songs is 'Spanish Flea' - try searching for it on Youtube.
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    Wear Superman underpants. Even if you have to wear formal dress on top, wearing something silly on your behind can make you feel cheerier - simply because it's a jolly secret to make you laugh.
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    Watch a comedy show, or listen to something funny on the radio. Laughing increases dopamine, and we all know about natural chemicals in our brains - they make us happy! Try watching stand-up comedy, sit-coms like 'F.R.I.E.N.D.S.' or 'The Simpsons', and have a look on Youtube for comedy gigs like 'Live at the Apollo'.
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    Get some fresh flowers for your desk or table, or beside your bed. Try something nice and bright like mixed flowers, sunflowers or daisies.
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    Do some exercise! Getting our bodies moving raises our metabolisms, increases dopamine and endorphins, and also pumps our heartbeats up - sending blood to our brains and making us feel good. Try a little aerobics, skipping, or a nice jog!
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    Go for a long walk. They say that walking outside sweeps the cobwebs away, and it certainly does. Evidence suggests that walking somewhere green is better than urban areas for increasing happiness levels, so try to go to a local park, nature reserve or out into the countryside.
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    Have a laugh with some friends. Give someone you like a phone-call or offer to meet up - talking and being with friends not only takes our minds off our troubles, but also gives us new focus and helps us to feel cheerful again.
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    Walk in a waltz. There is a lot of evidence out there suggesting that music in a waltz tempo (one-two-three, one-two-three) is by far the happiest rhythm of them all. When you walk, try counting your steps in a one-two-three beat - see how it puts a spring in your step!
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    Turn off your phone, computer, TV and any other electronic devices you might have switched on. Believe it or not, absence from screens and social networks can really help cheer you up. Try reading a book or magazine in place of your gadgets and see how you feel.
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    Finally, do something you enjoy. Whether it be bowling, drawing a picture or going to see a play, doing something you enjoy (provided that it's safe) is a sure-fire way to brighten your day. If you like splashing about in a kid's paddling pool at the age of 60, so be it! Why not?
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    With no reason smile everyday .


  • Try each step multiple times. These things aren't instantaneous - they take time, just like most things.
  • Remember that tomorrow is another day. If all else fails, getting a good night's sleep is always really important.
  • Cut yourself slack if you don't feel happier right away. Keep trying!
  • Spend a little money on something for yourself once in a while, even if it is just to buy a pair of silly underpants.


  • Drugs and illegal substances should NOT be an aid to brighten your day. This article is offering safe, sanitary advice. Please avoid stimulants.
  • Don't mistake having a bad day for depression, or other issues that need sorting out. If you really haven't felt happy at all for two weeks or more, please talk with your doctor - they can help you with some solutions to make your life brighter!

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