How to Build a Fashion Ring Collection for Men

Accessorizing for men can be a tricky endeavor. For men’s jewelry, looking chic and stylish without making a fashion faux pas usually requires more forethought and focus than women’s accessories. Here are seven easy steps to help gentlemen shop for the right ring and pull this look off effortlessly. Keep these steps in mind, and you will be able to add fashion rings to your wardrobe in a way that works best for you.


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    Analyze your wardrobe. Look at your general, day-to-day outfits and determine your style. Building your fashion ring collection depends on how you dress for the day, what suits your style and how you want to accessorize yourself.
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    Determine the kind of ring you want. The second step is to know what kind of ring you want to buy. Can you carry off something chunky and masculine with your daily wardrobe with ease? Are you comfortable with a little dazzle and drama, or do you prefer plain bands with your attire?
    • Cultural and religious ring - Plain bands with a particular emblem or crest can be added to the list of additions in your jewelry ring collection.
    • Affiliation ring – This kind of ring denotes association with a membership of a group, the most common example being fraternal or class rings. Some also denote your branch of service like Navy Academy or Merchant Academy.
    • Biker Ring - Denoting the passion for motorcycling, these rings are as valued as the leather coat. With extra-large, the design of these rings can be skull or crossbones to denote the aggression.
    • Spinner ring - Available in various designs and styles, these rings come with four-five bands. While the outer metallic layer moves, the inner band stays fixed.
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    Select your ring size. There are two things to consider when you are deciding on the size of the ring – the band size and the cross-sectional width of the ring.
    • One of the best ways to determine your ring size is with the help of a jeweler. Jewelry stores have bands in every size. You can try a few on to find your best fit. If you can’t make it to a jewelry store or prefer online shopping, you can easily purchase a variety of ring sizes to gauge the width of your finger, usually for less than $10.
    • When it comes to determining the thickness of the ring, it is mostly a personal choice. The band can be as broad as you want, just ensure that the band width doesn’t keeps your finger joint from flexing.
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    Match your metals. Most of men’s jewelry is metallic, so look for metals that match the majority of your wardrobe.
    • Yellow Gold: Falling in the yellow family of the color wheel, gold has a warmer color tone. Gold fashion rings match well with earthy color ensembles. Dark tones like navy blue or forest green look best when accented with gold fashion rings.
    • Sterling Silver or Stainless Steel: Sterling silver or stainless steel resembles the color gray. Since gray is a mixture of the neutral colors white and black, the tone is not too flashy and shouldn’t clash sharply with anything in your wardrobe. Black or dark gray clothing and cool summer colors look best with sterling silver or stainless steel jewelry. The neutral color of this metal means nearly anything will match with sterling silver and stainless steel fashion rings.
    • Copper or bronze: Since the color tone of copper or bronze jewelry is somewhat flashier than gold, these metals work best with casual outfits. A copper fashion ring can add warmth to plain attire.
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    Consider gemstone rings. When looking beyond a plain band, keep in mind that there is a wide variety of gemstone fashion rings available. From precious stones like diamond, ruby, emerald and tanzanite to semi-precious stones like peridot, garnet and citrine, fashion rings are judged on the 4C’s – cut, clarity, carat and color. In general, it is best to keep the dazzle of men’s rings to a simple level by sticking with multiple small stones and a single color scheme. This will prevent your men’s fashion ring from looking gaudy.
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    Decide the price. After you figure out what look works for your wardrobe, style and taste--is the next step if deciding on your jewelry budget. If you have a tight budget, you may have to reevaluate what style of ring you’re looking for. For more affordable options, check out discount stores or online jewelry auctions.
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    Know when to wear what. After you have built your fashion ring collection, it is always good to know when to wear each piece. If you work in an office, opt for a tasteful ring studded with just one or two gemstones. A dramatic or broader band ring may need to be reserved for date nights or weekend wear. A gemstone ring with the perfect amount of bling can be worn at parties or events. Reserve these special-occasion men’s fashion rings for times when you need the extra glitz. Wearing them every day can reduce their impact and make them less of status symbol.
    • If you are wearing a watch, count it as an accessory and try to match the ring with its style and color.
    • The ring you choose should not just match your attire but it should also match your personality.
    • Try to pick up styles that are sure to run longer when it comes to fashion.


  • Avoid gaudy styles or rings with too much bling.
  • Sleek, simple metallic bands work well with almost anything.
  • Fashion rings don't have to match your wedding band.
  • Choose scratch and dent resistant metals for daily wear.
  • When in doubt, consult a fashion-savvy friend.

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