How to Build a Fort in 7 Days to Die

Three Parts:Preparing to BuildSecuring the PerimeterSetting up Traps

Finding a house for shelter is important in 7 Days to Die. To survive long, most players build their fort using the house they found. To have a strong fort, you need to focus on two important survival rules: defense and supplies.

Part 1
Preparing to Build

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    Find a good location. Your fort should be close to supply run locations, but not too close as to attract attention. Ensure that you have good visibility from all sides of the fort. Consider building a tall watchtower if you don't have good visibility in your chosen location.
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    Consider building off an existing house. It may be easier to build your fortress if you use an existing structure as the foundation. This can save you some precious materials. A fortress is a huge base that can protect and support the players inside it. Two houses will work as long as they stand close or right next to each other.
    • A house with a basement is ideal for mining and creating underground tunnel to move around the map.
    • Make sure to put torches inside the house to keep zombies from spawning.
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    Gather some materials. You will need a lot of materials to construct a well-protected fort. You'll find this process easier if you have some friends helping you. You'll need plenty of wood and stone, as well as materials for traps and other features.

Part 2
Securing the Perimeter

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    Build tall walls. Zombies will be swarming your fortress almost constantly, so you'll need strong walls to repel them. Stone makes for the strongest walls, though it is the most time-consuming process. The thicker the walls are, the better.
    • Remember that Zombies can break stone blocks if they attack it continuously.
    • Also, there are zombies that can climb up walls if not protected; you need to set up traps around your base.
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    Build a walkway onto the top of the wall. This will create ramparts, allowing you to more easily defend the wall from attacking zombies. It will take some extra materials, but your fort will be much more secure.
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    Dig a deep ditch around your wall. Use dynamite to blast a large chasm around your fort. Attacking zombies will fall down the hole, killing them if it's deep enough. Make sure that the chasm goes all the way around your fort.
    • You can build a bridge with a ladder hanging down to allow you access to the fort. Zombies aren't able to climb ladders.
    • For best effect, make the sides of the chasm as smooth as possible. This will ensure that the zombies can't break their fall on protruding blocks.
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    Get Supplies. Your fort needs to be well supplied to survive for long days. To store your rations, you need to build a small chest or simply make use of the house's drawers and cupboards. To build a storage chest, you need 6 Plywood.
    • Plywood can be built from Wood Planks, not from burnt or old trees.
    • Press I; click the Storage Chest in the craft list to activate the pattern.
    • Following the pattern, place 1 plywood per box to finish the process.
    • Building a farm is a good source of water; you can make an infinite water hole by breaking one block off the ground and pouring water into it. The supply will be infinite as long as you use a glass jar for drinking.

Part 3
Setting up Traps

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    Make Wood Spikes. Wood Spikes are traps used to defend structures by impaling zombies, players or animals. It's best to put wood spikes outside the fort, right next to the walls.
    • To make a Wood Spike, you need 9 Sharpened Sticks.
    • Click Wood Spikes on the craft list to acquire the highlighted pattern. Place 1 Sharpened Sticks on each box to craft.
    • Use about 3 layers of Spikes, or more, to make sure that no zombie can survive before they can reach your fort walls.
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    Make Trunk Tips. The Trunk Tip is the best trap structure in the game; they make fine traps compared to wood spikes due to the fact that they don't break. However, they do give less damage and require a 2-block deep hole to place them in.
    • To make a Trunk Tip, you need 4 Wood Blocks; any kind of wood block will do (i.e. Birch Wood, Pine Wood, Burnt Wood or Wood).
    • Press I; click the name Trunk Tip in the craft list to activate the highlighted pattern. In each box, you put 1 Wood to complete the crafting.
    • Before placing Trunk Tip next to your walls, make sure to dig 2-blocks deep off the ground since this kind of trap is taller, which count as though zombies are standing one block higher.
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    Make Barbed Fence Wire. A Barbed Fence Wire is a craftable item but can also be scavenged around the world. This is commonly used to fortify a perimeter or to block breaches in walls during the night.
    • To make a Barbed Fence Wire, you need 2 Sticks and 1 Barbed Wire. Barbed wire can be obtained by crafting 3 Forging Iron; as a result, it will give you 15 barbed wires.
    • Open your craft window. Make sure you have the requirements inside your inventory. Click the Barbed Fence Wire name to activate the pattern.
    • In the middle, put 1 barbed wire then put 1 stick on either side of it.
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    Keep Watch. Make sure you have completely locked down the place. Block up any entry; place torches around your fortress, and then grab any range weapon you have.
    • Zombies die because of the traps you set up earlier. There's no need for you to use your gun. Save your ammunition as much as you can and only use your range weapon for emergencies.


  • You can put Barbed Fence against the wall of your fort to stop the spider zombies from climbing; a good addition to your fortress aside from using spikes and trunk tip.
  • Houses with rooftops are good for making a small rooftop garden as an addition to survival.
  • It is much safer to put all your stored food in your underground shelter.


  • Wood Spikes begin to lose durability after being stepped on until eventually be destroyed.
  • Remember that when a chest is broken, all contents are destroyed. This is the reason why you need to put your storage chest in a safe place such as underground room.

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