How to Build a Mirror

Have you ever wanted to build your own mirror? Well you can build one with these easy steps! Just read on!


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    Gather your materials.
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    Glue the glass or piece of plastic onto the piece of reflecting metal.
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    Glue both materials that you just glued together on to the base (which is the thin piece of wood or metal).
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    Glue a frame over the mirror to cover the glue marks, and at the same time, make sure that when you glue the frame, the glue doesn't show. (If it did show, it would defeat the purpose.) Try to just have a small center line when you glue, that way when the glue flattens as you press it down, it will spread out, but not be seen.
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    You have just made a mirror! Great Job! Hang up somewhere to admire yourself and your work!


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  • Make sure to clean your mirror at least once or twice a day. This way, your mirror will be clean.
  • Make your mirror look nice by taking your time.
  • Another way to make your mirror look nice is to either make all of the materials the same size, or make some materials different sizes, but put the smaller sized materials in the middle.
  • When layering your materials, try not to put large-sized materials over small-sized ones. By reversing the process, you can create a professorial-looking mirror
  • Keep your materials neat!
  • A great way to not use up too much glue is to put a dot of glue the size of your thumb fingernail on a piece of scrap paper, and to wipe a little bit of the glue from the dot onto the place you want to glue at.
  • Try to find a strong glue to use. You don't want your mirror to fall apart!


  • Don't play with sharp parts of materials. Instead, work carefully!
  • Don't cut yourself against any piece of material, especially glass.
  • Handle the glass carefully by making sure it doesn't break.
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Things You'll Need

  • A flat piece of reflecting metal that is the size of your choice.
  • A piece of glass, or see through plastic that is the size of your choice
  • A piece of thin wood or metal (make sure the metal doesn't bend!) that is the size of your choice.
  • Some transparent super-glue or normal super-glue
  • A frame that fits the mirror.

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