How to Build Psychic Awareness

The difference between those who are psychic and those who are not is one thing...Awareness. Everyone is psychic and you are already using your psychic abilities. You may better know them as intuition. All you have to do is become aware of your unique psychic intuitive abilities. Once you are aware, your awareness will build on itself.


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    Pay attention to whatever feelings or thoughts are coming to you in every moment. Pay extra attention to your intuition. Recognize it and as you are paying attention, this will open the door for more intuitive information to flow to you. Psychic information often comes out of the blue. If you experience an image, feeling, thought or other sense and you are not sure why it has come to you, calmly ask yourself why you are experiencing it and this allows more psychic information to flow to you.
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    Rest. The use of psychic intuition can make you tired. Physically and emotionally. Getting plenty of sleep makes you clear headed and available to receive psychic information. If you find yourself feeling emotionally down, tired or even confused, stop trying to access your intuition, lay down, take a nap or meditate. This will give you a chance to recharge and you will feel better.
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    Research the different types of psychic abilities. There are many different types of psychic senses and abilities. Learning about them will help you recognize what psychic behavior you may already be exhibiting. Try to identify your strong points and what type of ability you have. Learning also informs you of what you are capable of doing. Maybe with just a little effort, you can do more than you even thought you could.
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    Attempt. Once you are familiar with your strong psychic points, the best way to build on them is to attempt to use them. When you feel ready, sit in a comfortable and quiet space. Relax, clear your head and invite psychic information to flow to you via your strongest psychic sense. If you are clairvoyant, you may be expecting an image, if you are clairsentient, or empathic, you may be expecting a feeling and so on. Keep your mind calm, and clear and see what comes to you. You may also focus with intent to find information on a given subject.
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    Read. By researching, reading and learning on the subject, you are collecting valuable information that will help you comfortably and effectively build your psychic awareness.
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    Make an effort to meet others who identify themselves as psychic, or share common interest on the subject. You can always learn from meeting people, and people can help to spark your psychic abilities.


  • Do whatever feels good and right to you, even if it is not quite what you planned. Follow your joy.
  • Sometimes it's best not think about it. Ever so often, it'll just come to you. Don't ignore it. If you feel you have to do it, do it.
  • The better you feel, the higher your vibration is, and the better chance you have of building psychic awareness.
  • Feeling calm, clear headed and remaining positive puts you in the right mind set for being in touch with your psychic abilities.


  • Do not try to access your psychic intuition if you are feeling negative, bad, angry or sad. You run the risk of coming into contact with information that matches your current vibration.
  • if something doesn't feel good, or you don't feel like doing it, just don't do it. There is no need to force. Let your intuition guide you.

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