How to Build Trust in a Marriage

A few people regard marriage as one of the most precious commitments in their lives, whereas some others don't think so. However you think, once you decide to marry, it is best to consider it thoroughly and commit yourself to developing a faithful and trusting relationship.


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    Only marry the one that you know loves you thoroughly and that you truly love. That person should be one that you would be willing to spend the rest of your life with - not just for the money or good looks. As time changes, so will the person. Choose wisely - and if you do - you will be free from any kind of regret, because you know he/she was your best choice at that time. With a good seed, you two can grow a good plant!
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    Pour your trust into your spouse and don't ever doubt that they don't love you. Trust your life with them and don't keep secrets from them - keeping secrets from your spouse can easily ruin a marriage! Trust them as much as you want they to do the same to you. They are worth for you to trust in completely until they cheat you the first time.
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    Talk to them regularly. Exchange your thoughts with them and share what you meet in your work, your likes, and tell them how much you believe in them. Whenever there is a flash of doubt in your mind, don't hesitate to gently ask for an explanation, which can clear all your bad emotion of distrust.
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    Show your spouse that you love him/her. You don't have to go all out for them, but shower small affections upon them. This can be as simple as leaving a rose for them or letting them relax while you cook dinner or do the dishes. Have hand and eye contact with him/her and make every moment count!
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    Never cheat on your spouse, no matter what! Although the idea may seem tempting for one moment, the minute you have done it, you will instantly regret it. Once you do so, there is no reason for them to believe in you like before. It will tear down all trust and possibly shut your marriage down forever.
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    Make everything clear. Don't send mixed signals that confuse your partner. If you say you're going to do one thing, do it!


  • Care for them as much as you can. When they can see that you care for them, they will trust in you because they know you do anything for them with love.
  • Don't let anyone between two of you. Don't give your spouse the chance to "guess", and they might guess wrong.


  • Trust them, but don't let them fool you. You must be aware of the limit of trust - and the possible danger.
  • Don't let them feel that they are surrounded by your care. It's is a kind of art of love.

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