How to Bunch Patrol on wikiHow

Bunch Patrol is a quick way to patrol somebody's edits. It is intended to patrol more trustworthy editors that are less likely to make mistakes or bad-faith edits. If you're an experienced wikiHow editor interested in patrolling by using this tool, the following article should outline how to use it. Note: Bunch Patrol does not show edits to article pages.


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    Visit the Bunch Patrol page. You should see the usernames of registered users who have made at least 3 unpatrolled edits, with the number of unpatrolled edits next to them.
    Due to the nature of Bunch Patrol, you may find it easier to choose someone that is less likely to make an edit that would need reverting, such as an Admin or a person skilled in wikiHow's policies.
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    Review each edit thoroughly. Read through it to make sure that the edit is clean. After you review the edit, click the checkbox to the left of the edit.
    • If the person makes a typo or a mistake, then make sure to remember to fix it later.
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    Keep patrolling the rest of the list. Be sure to check the box to the left instead of clicking the usual buttons.
    • Skip edits if you're uncertain in any way - leave a box unchecked for another editor to patrol or fix.
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    Skim through the list to see that you've checked all the boxes you need.
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    Complete the patrol. Click on Submit at the very bottom of the column.


  • Patrol through edits thoroughly.
  • Anonymous users are not listed in the bunch patrol list. Nevertheless, one can still bunch patrol anons by clicking "bunch" in the links next to their I.P. address in the Recent Changes.
  • While patrolling userpages, if you see any personal information like the user's address, phone number, etc, then put {{safety}} template or for email dispose {{Emailspam}} template in that user's talk page. Personal messages are highly appreciable with templates.


  • Due to the nature of Bunch Patrol, it is recommended for more experienced wikiHow editors. Try using the Recent Changes at first. When you start using the Bunch Patrol, use it rather slowly and carefully at first, then perform it more efficiently as you become more skilled at it.
  • Be careful when bunch patrolling new users. Some of their edits need careful scrutiny, as they are usually inexperienced in editing, and are not completely aware of wikiHow's policies.
  • Avoid bunch patrolling edits that insert images and videos into an article without manually checking them first, since you won't know what they look like from the Bunch Patrol.

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