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Sapphires have romanced us for eons together. There is so much regal history and rich symbolism associated with them.Sapphires continue to be the favorites of royalty; as we witness the Prince William and Kate Middleton engagement. As it is, The British Monarchy is known for its preference for sapphires.Now sapphires are not the gemstones reserved for aristocracy altogether. Find how to find that sapphire online without getting fleeced.


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    Remember the Four C’s. The Four C’s, as in diamonds, is applicable to sapphires as well. These are: Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat. Unlike in diamonds, color in sapphires is the most relevant feature. While we are here, remember that while blue is the mostly popular color of sapphires, they are found in colors like yellow, pink, purple, orange and the rare Padparadscha ..
    • Blue Sapphires are known to vary in hue and tone and saturation; three color qualities. An even tone, medium saturation and deep hue are the best. For variations in these qualities, prices are affected.
    • Clarity feature in sapphires refers to the inclusions or flaws in a sapphire. Sometimes invisible to the naked eye, these are the ‘fingerprints’ of a gemstone. Visible at certain degrees of magnification, they are widely accepted in the industry; though fewer would always mean higher cost.
    • Cut refers to how well a sapphire has been cut, to optimize its beauty. A very good sapphire can be marred by inexpertise of the cutter, so this is another vital C.
    • Carat is the weight of a sapphire, and naturally the larger a sapphire, the higher the cost. However, if the size is large, but other features like color and clarity are lower, even a larger sapphire may not cost the earth.
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    Find out their Origin. Sapphires are also valued by their place of origin. The best known sapphires in history have come from Ceylon. Some other sources of sapphires are Madagascar, Burma, Thailand and Africa.
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    See if it has a Return Policy. This is most relevant to you when buying a sapphire online. You don’t want to make an expensive error of buying a sapphire that looked otherwise in the catalog, and is a tad lower in your hands. Study the Return Policy of the Jeweler carefully before buying.
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    Know about the treatments. Treatments have been a part of the gemstone industry for centuries together; and were it not for these, we wouldn’t know our gemstones as we do. However, now the jewelers are required to disclose treatments that a gemstone has undergone. Also known as enhancements, there are a range of these, and mostly permanently enhance the beauty of a gem.
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    Find out the Product Details. Read the product details and description carefully. Be sure this sapphire is exactly what you want.
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    If you are choosing sapphire and diamond jewelry, remember you can save some by choosing diamonds of a lower quality and tip the costs a little.
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    Pick the correct Metal. Metal preference can also affect the cost. Usually, 10K gold is lower than 18K gold; both yellow gold finish, as well as white gold.
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    Build your own. A fun way to buy jewelry online is to build your own. Most sites offer to customize jewelry, and you can choose the sapphire according to your budget.


  • Even if smaller, go for the best quality sapphire you can afford. These are investments and size will not matter if quality is uncompromisable.
  • Remember that contrary to popular belief, sapphires are found in all colors of the rainbow.currently, pink sapphires appeal to trendsetters very much.
  • For the affordable alternative, go for a lab created sapphire.

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