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The modern birthstone for December, Tanzanite is the only gemstone to be added to the official birthstone list of 1912.Apart from blue topaz and turquoise,Tanzanite is chosen by December born, as well as trendsetters. While the rarity of tanzanites and the likelihood of the exhaustion of the only mines of Tanzanite account for its popularity, quite a few people see buying a tanzanite as a social cause. Due to the regulation of Tanzanite Mining by the govt, it is certain that part of the proceeds form all Tanzanite sales go to social upliftment in Tanzania, Africa.


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    Know the basics: The Four C’s, as in diamonds, is applicable to tanzanites as well. These are: Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat. Unlike in diamonds, color in tanzanites is the most significant feature. The blue in a tanzanite is valued in terms of hue, tone and saturation. Clear, deep blue violet tanzanites are valued more than dusky ones.
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    Educate yourself about Tanzanite. Why is tanzanite such a prized gemstone? What makes for its popularity with the celebrities? What features should you look for in Tanzanites?
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    Look for clarity. The Clarity feature in a tanzanite refers to the inclusions or flaws in a tanzanite. Tanzanites are seldom heavily included, and clearer ones are quite possible. Larger sizes display the color best, so choose the largest that you can afford.
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    Check the cut. The Cut refers to how well the shape of a tanzanite has been executed, to optimize its beauty. Excellent tanzanite shapes are possible, so cutters achieve imaginative shapes in tanzanite.
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    Ask for the carat. Carat is the weight of a tanzanite, and naturally the larger a tanzanite, the higher the cost. Further, if the carat is higher, and color and clarity are optimum, a large tanzanite maybe a sound investment.
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    Ask about its origin. Gemstones are also valued by their place of origin. This is where Tanzanite scores over all the rest of the gemstones. The only known source of Tanzanite is Tanzania in Africa. Given this, it is the rarest of rare gemstones. When you buy a tanzanite, it is an heirloom.
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    Read the product details and description carefully. Be sure this is the tanzanite you want.
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    Read the return policy. This is most relevant when buying a tanzanite online. Don’t make the expensive error of buying a tanzanite that looked better in the catalog, and is its distant cousin in real life. Study the Return Policy of the Jeweler.
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    Match with the diamond. If you are choosing tanzanite and diamond jewelry, choose diamonds of a lower color and tip the costs. Such small diamonds don’t need certification necessarily.
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    Select the right metal. Metal preference can also affect the cost. Usually, 10K gold is lower priced than 18K gold; both yellow gold finish, as well as white gold. The color of a tanzanite is always enhanced by white gold.
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    Build your own. A fun way to buy jewelry online is to build your own. Most sites offer to customize jewelry, and you can choose the tanzanite according to your budget.


  • This is a sound investment, since predictions about the mines exhausting themselves within two decades abound.
  • Choose the largest Tanzanite that you can afford. Larger sizes bring out the color of Tanzanite to its best.
  • Clear Tanzanites are not very rare,look for these.

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