How to Buy a Tennis Skirt

The popularity of women's tennis is a recent phenomena in the world of sports, but the impact of women in tennis has spread internationally. Players like Maria Sharapova, Anna Kournikova, and the Williams sisters have done much to revolutionize not only the game, but the fashion as well. Tennis skirts have gone through many changes over the years and there exist numerous design choices today. Here's how to buy a tennis skirt that fits your needs and desires:


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    Browse through the skirts of famous female tennis players when they're on the court. While it isn't necessary that you copy a famous player's style, this will help you to see what kind of styles and designs are available.
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    Decide on the tennis skirt's style and cut. Straight-cut skirts are tighter and will cling to the form of your body. They have slits on the sides to provide extra mobility. A-line skirts are loose and do not cling to your body. Pleated skirts are the traditional design.
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    Decide on the tennis skirt's waist style. Avoid any skirt without a flat waist otherwise you may experience discomfort while on the court.
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    Decide on the tennis skirt's color. The white tennis skirt has always been the respectable, traditional color. Black skirts have a tendency to match well with most colors, so it's a practical choice for versatility. If you want to be bolder with your color choice, you may wish to select a bright, eye-popping color.
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    Decide on the tennis skirt's fabric and material. For maximum comfort and mobility, you will want a tennis skirt made from a light and durable material that can breathe, such as polyester or spandex.
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    Purchase a tennis skirt that has attached shorts, tights, or panties. Due to the frantic nature of tennis, form-fitting skirts will ride up your legs during play. Loose skirts will blow about in the wind. Having attached underwear will prevent the accidental chance of exposing yourself to bystanders and spectators while playing.
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    Try it before you buy it. As with most clothing, you don't want to buy a tennis skirt that ends up being too tight, too loose, too short, too long, or too uncomfortable. Walk around in your skirt and feign playing tennis to see if you'll enjoy wearing it on the court. Your movement should not feel restricted at all while wearing a tennis skirt.


  • If you are on a tennis team, you may be able to get a sizable discount on your purchase if all of your team members buy their skirts together.
  • If your body size is larger than average, contemporary fashion recommends avoiding pleated tennis skirts because pleats have a tendency to magnify the rear and the hips. If you want to appear thinner, go for a streamlined and flat style.

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