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Buying a watch can be simple or time consuming depending on the person's tastes. In order to find a good watch to suit your specific preferences, you may need to pay several of the local stores a visit and see what varieties are being offered there. For those that prefer a watch that simply tells the time and has minimal features, all that needs to be done is to find a watch with an attractive price tag and then try it on to see if it is comfortable. But when it comes to buying a watch online, there are more skills involved in identifying a high quality watch. Nevertheless, you can buy watches online safely and still end up satisfied if you follow these tips.


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    Declare your Price Range:There are far too many watches available when shopping online that fall into different categories of various styles. It is more likely that you will be attracted to several of these models but there is no use giving a watch attention if the watch is way beyond your budget.Declaring your price range at the onset can reduce the tedious searching. It is good to have a price range rather than a fixed number in case you find some really attractive models with the specs that you need but at a cost slightly higher than your set budget. When buying watches online many sites will allow you to search within specific price ranges.
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    Determine Your Preferred Features:It is a given that watches will do their job in telling you the time but you might want some added features to make your wrist companion even more useful. The more sophisticated features in watches are known as complications. Be aware of how a watches complications impact both the price and the watch itself. When buying watches online the features will be listed in the product specifications. Knowing your essentials may make it easier for you to buy a watch online that you'll be satisfied with. Here are some of the more common features among high quality watches.
    • Calendar Window: Displays the date in a small window out to 31 days.
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    • Perpetual Calendar: Displays the date perpetually throughout the year.
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    • Chronograph: Popular stopwatch feature used for timing specific events.
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    • World Time/Dual Time Zone (GMT ): Displays the time across several world time zones.
    • Moon Phase Indicator: Displays the lunar phases of the moon.
    • Star Chart: Displays the astronomical position of the constellations.
    • Power reserve: Displays the remaining stored energy.
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    Know What Styles You Have To Choose From:Once again, this is part of a process in reducing the choices that you have available to you. There is a chance that you may not even need this step because your desired features may filter the available list to just a small selection. Knowing the different styles always helps in case your desired features are minimal. This should not be a problem if you want a digital watch rather than an analog one, but in the event you do want an analog watch here are the common styles of analog watches.
    • Casual Watches: Easy-to-read round watch face with lightweight band for everyday use.
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    • Dress Watches: Distinctive watch case, accents and metal bracelet complimentary for formal occasions.
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    • Sport Watches: Large, durable case and plastic or rubber band with features for sporting activities.
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    • Fashion Watches: Worn as bold fashion statements with over-sized clunky watch cases.
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    • Luxury Watches: Expertly crafted high-end timepieces that typically retain or increase in value
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    Learn What Makes the Watch Tick:How a watch is powered is referred to as it's movement. Depending upon how the watch is powered you may either have to wind the watch manually, wind it at intervals or never wind it at all. Automatic watches (Swiss movement or Japanese) are automatically wound by movement of the wrist, but must be worn frequently to stay wound. Quartz watches are battery-powered and although they require no manual winding, the battery must be replaced every few years.
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    Judge on the watch's Durability:Durability should be taken into account if you plan on buying a sports watch or if you will by multiple watches where you need to frequently take off one watch to put on another. It can be just as important as well if you want a more fashionable watch because scratches can also affect the look of the watch. The cover of the watch case is important for durability concerns. Go for sapphire crystal if you need maximum durability or go for mineral crystal if you are fine with your watch simply being "scratch-resistant". If you are on a tight budget, you may have to settle for acrylic crystal which is prone to light scratching. When you buy a watch online this will be listed in the product specifications under "dial window material type".
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    Understand Watch-Resistance and Depth-Rating:When learning to buy a watch online, understanding the watch-resistance of a watch is taking the durability into account a bit further where you can find out how deep you can submerge the watch underwater. Many sports watches have a level water-resistance and that is usually enough for people to take a dip in the sea without realizing how deep they can go. Watches with low resistance figures and no depth-rating at all can be more considered as splash resistant so avoid swimming with those. Also take note of the unit of measurement since some watches use meters while others use feet.
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    Give Attention to the Band:The watch band keeps the watch case affixed to your wrist and the preference can go multiple ways. Generally, you would want a watch that is comfortable to wear and most designers may have taken note since it is less likely for someone to buy a watch that does not feel good.The band can serve as a fashionable component as well. There are bands that are made of leather while other watches use metal bracelets. Large, over-sized and clunky is actually in. Some may allow several types of bands to be used so you can swap the styles.
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    Identify the Parts:Aside from the energy source, display, and time regulating mechanism, mechanical watches will have other external parts that you should familiarize yourself with so you can better understand what you are paying for and what needs maintenance. The crown is one component that you should consider as you use it to set the different settings of the watch. Then there are other parts like the bezel, dial, and hands that make up the watch. Paying close attention to these components is necessary in making a final decision especially if you are planning to get an inexpensive mechanical watch. You should clearly be able to read about and see the watch parts when buying watches online.
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    Consider the Specs of Case: This is where you will finally take the observations out of the watch. Cases are just as important for safe travel or added fashion. It may become a more important factor for choosing a watch if you plan on buying a watch online as a gift for someone. Luxury watches have variations of stainless steel, titanium gold cases and other metal alloys. Consider aluminum cases if you want them to be extremely corrosion-resistant. Rubber, resin, or plastic cases are better for sport watches as they are more rugged. When you learn how to buy a watch online it will be easy to identify the case material by both the product specifications and product photos.Also pay close attention to the shape of the case. Online sites may also allow a search by case shape. The 4 main shapes of cases you should be aware of are as follows.
    • Round: A direct descendant of pocket watches used for mainly casual, luxury and sport watches.
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    • Square: Most commonly found in fashion watches for it's larger decorative surface area.
    • Rectangular: A shape that is reserved more for dress watches to fit under the sleeve.
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    • Tonneau: A barrel-shaped retro-style case used for dress watches.
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    Evaluate the Maintenance:The more expensive watches usually end up being the ones that can handle a lot of abuse and are the typically top recommendations if you have the budget. That does not make the cheaper ones less reliable if you know how to maintain them. For instance, if you plan on choosing a watch with a metal bracelet, understand that you have to give the bracelet some maintenance by washing it with mild soap mixed with warm water. Also know how water-resistant watches work as you must maintain them by rinsing them properly if you expose it to salt water. If your watch experiences any issues you can always bring it to a local service center for routine maintenance.
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    See what others have to Say:By now, you should have a few clear choices on what watch to get considering that you have done a lot of online research. The final step involves learning the experiences of other watch owners. This is where you look behind the advertising and given specs and features of the watch in order to figure out if it really performs well and meets your standards. Don't necessarily allow a negative review to discourage you from buying a watch online. That specific watch may have not been right for that collector. Know what's right for you and be sure to consider the reviews and viewpoints to add weight to your final decision.


  • Sometimes a watch may have no customer feedback at all. This can be due to it being a new listing or a brand new watch model. In this case make your best judgment or look for another watch with more reviews.
  • Read the product specifications carefully. Ensure the features highlighted on the watch are those you desire in a watch.
  • If some of the components of the watch do not meet your preferences, remember that some of the watch parts can be changed later on. You may find the perfect watch but the case lacks something. In this situation, you should look online for special watch accessories rather than looking for a completely different watch.
  • When you buy a watch online be sure to look at the product photos carefully. This will give you a good idea of what the watch will look like under ideal lighting conditions.


  • Do not hesitate to ask any questions about a particular watch if the specs are not fully listed. Remember that you will not be able to personally evaluate the watch until it reaches your doorstep.
  • You may read a review of a watch from a different site than the one you order from. Always order from trusted online watch merchants. It is best to deal with the big name online websites where you know your order is secure and satisfaction is guaranteed.
  • Understand what exactly you are paying for in a watch. You can get a better idea by looking for a similar looking watch or a different model of the same watch brand and then comparing each of the specifications head on to spot big differences.

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