How to Buy Beads in Bulk

Two Methods:Buying Bulk Beads OnlineBuying Bulk Beads from Real Stores

If you're into hand-crafting, buying the materials is the first step you'll need to accomplish. If you're into hand-made jewelry, or you simply feel the need to improve your clothes by applying decorations, you're already thinking about buying beads. And a few of them won't suffice; you're going to need more and more, different shapes, colours and sizes. You're going to need bulk beads and release your creativity.

Method 1
Buying Bulk Beads Online

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    Order online if you need a wide choice. One of the best sources for buying bulk beads is ordering them online. There are numerous online shops that sell bulk beads for cheap prices, because - let's face it - beads aren't that hard or expensive to produce; the hard part is to create masterpieces with them: jewelry, decorations, etc. Online stores and auction sellers will have tons of differently shaped, coloured and sized beads for you to browse through. As an added bonus, it will likely be easy to source related raw materials from the same seller when you're shopping online.
    • Once you've found an an online shop that sells bulk beads, it's often a good idea to create an account. That way the store can keep a track of your last purchases, making it easier for you to remember.
    • Make sure you fill in your personal information correctly so the package reaches you instead of someone else. Some stores may also give you the option of having items registered for delivery, so decide whether the additional expense is worth it for you.
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    Look through the array of bead products from the comfort of your chair. Choose the ones that best suit your needs. It can be helpful to do this with the project book or sheets alongside you, to help you get the right sizes, shapes and colours.
    • When browsing but before you're sure about purchasing, consider adding your finds to a wishlist or directly to the cart, for considering later. You can recheck the bead choices you've made later, to see which one you actually want to buy in the end. Bead buying can be overwhelming when there are lots of choices!
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    Make sure your credit card has the needed amount for your order before you complete the purchase. Once paid for, all you need to do is wait for the products to reach you, then you can start going wild with your imagination. While waiting, don't forget to tag the pages of your bead book or set out your project sheets in readiness for following when the beads turn up. You might also need to get wire, pliers, findings, etc., so check what else to get to make yourself project-ready.

Method 2
Buying Bulk Beads from Real Stores

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    Find a local bead seller. Look for a store that sell bulk products or will sell items in bulk for you.
    • The diversity of the product depends on the size of the store.
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    Consider which kinds of beads you need before you go shopping. This means thinking about what shapes, sizes, colours, etc. will work for your planned project. If you have a purchase plan before arriving at the store, you'll know what you're looking for and won't end up buying a bagful of beads that are totally unrelated to your project. This may sound funny now but when you're confronted by rows and rows of wonderful beads, it may be tempting to splurge without having any idea whether you'll ever use the additional beads.
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    Look for the beads you need. It's a good idea to try to negotiate their price with the seller; this won't work all the time but it's worth trying.
    • Ask the retailer for assistance if you want beads taken out of bags, jars, etc. You may wish to feel the weight, texture, etc. rather than assuming the beads are okay without handling them.
    • Ask for better lighting if the beads are not clear enough to you. The retailer may have a lamp you can place the beads under.
    • If you don't see the beads you'd like, or there aren't sufficient quantities, ask the retailer if they will make a special order for you.
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    Complete the purchase to your satisfaction and take the beads home. Once home, enjoy beading with the bulk beads you just purchased.


  • Make sure that there's no or a very low delivery fee if you purchase online; you wouldn't want to pay more for the delivery than for the products themselves.
  • Pay attention to the photos posted by the online shop and try to look for the quality of the products, how they're packed and stored. This can tell you a lot about what you're going to receive.

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