How to Buy Matching Wedding Bands

The decision to stay with someone all life is a big one. Most people solemnize this with wedding bands. If you haven’t already done so, below are tips on how to go about buying matching wedding bands


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    Decide if both are going to wear the same metal finish or complement each other’s bands. Among most popular finishes, there is rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, and platinum. Any of these metals are further categorized into matte finish or plain finish.
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    Choose between Plain and simple or diamond or gemstone bands. It is fun to match your bands so they look either identical or complement each other. While women’s wedding bands would have larger gemstones, men’s bands usually have tiny gemstones.
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    Select a comfort fit or loose fit. Remember, this is a band that you will be wearing for life, and not just on the wedding day. Choose what you are most comfortable wearing on a daily basis. Either of you could be more accepting of one fit than the other.
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    Consider two tone or single tone. Wedding bands for men are very popular in two tone gold. Usually one gold tone is stronger than the other in the same band. These can be matched with an opposite tone contrast in the woman’s wedding band.
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    Choose between vintage or classic. Perhaps you may want to contrast the ways in which you differ. Choose a vintage band for one and a classic band for the other. This way you can share how differences can be brought together to make things work.
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    Design your own. If you have the time, check various online jewelers that let you customize jewelry. This way you would have more time to spend together on the ring buying and can match wedding bands easily.


  • Engraving initials: this is a favorite way to personalize your bands. Have your initials engraved on the band.
  • Return policy: Check the return policy of the online jeweler.
  • Diamond quality: The diamond quality in the band is a great factor in deciding the price. Some variation in the color grade means a lot of difference in price.

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