How to Buy Skin So Soft

Two Methods:Purchase Directly From AvonPurchase From an Avon Representative

Skin So Soft is a line of moisturizing products manufactured and sold by the Avon company. The original Skin So Soft was a bath oil that also gained popularity as an insect repellent. Today there are several Skin So Soft products including a separate line of bug repellents, bronzers and products for aging skin in addition to the original formula. You can buy Skin So Soft directly from Avon or from an Avon representative.

Method 1
Purchase Directly From Avon

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    Open your web browser and navigate to Avon's website. Avon offers an online catalog with ordering capability.
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    Click the "Shop Online" option to access the online catalog. This option will take you to a new page.
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    Click the words "Skin So Soft" in the black bar across the top of the page. You can also click on the "Bath & Body" menu and select Skin So Soft under "Shop By Brand."
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    Select the Skin So Soft product you wish to purchase. Add the desired product, or products, to your virtual shopping bag and click "Checkout" in the upper right corner of the screen.
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    Register and create an online profile, if you are a new customer. The system requires this step to process your order. If you are a returning customer, it will take you straight to the checkout screen.
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    Enter your payment information in the checkout screen. Click "Submit" to submit your order and charge your credit card.

Method 2
Purchase From an Avon Representative

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    Open your web browser and navigate to Avon's website to find a local Avon representative. You may also find Avon representatives selling products on eBay or, if you work in an office, 1 of your coworkers may be an Avon representative and have a catalog available. However, Avon's website can show you all the representatives near you with very little effort on your part.
    • Click the "Find a Representative" option to access the representative search. A new page will launch.
    • Select "Recommend a Representative in my area" to find a representative near you. If you already know the name of a representative, keep the option set to "Help me find my current Representative."
    • Enter your address, city, state and zip code if you are searching for a new representative. Enter the representative's last name and state if you are trying to find a current representative.
    • Select the desired representative from the list of options. You may have several pages of results. Representatives that have "Personal" listed as the delivery method will hand-deliver your products to you. Representatives that have "Direct Delivery" listed have online stores. Representatives that have both listed offer both options and those with nothing listed may be new representatives and not have their options configured yet.
    • Click "Contact Me" under the representative's name if you want to talk to the representative before placing the order. You will get a window where you can enter a message for the representative to contact you.
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    Place the Skin So Soft order with the representative when she contacts you. The representative will collect your payment upon delivery.
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    Shop the representative's online store if you prefer to order online. The representative's store is configured exactly like the generic Avon online shop, except the representative's name appears at the top of the page. To order your product, follow the instructions in the section titled "Purchase Directly From Avon."
    • Select "Direct Delivery" or "Personal" under your delivery options. Direct Delivery will ask for your credit card information. Personal will send the order to the representative and she will deliver the Skin So Soft when it arrives.


  • Avon sells their products in 2 week campaigns that begin on a Wednesday and end on a Tuesday at 12 pm EST. Avon accepts representative orders from the Saturday before the last day of the campaign until 12 pm the last day, and delivers the products to the representative within 3 days. When you select personal delivery the representative submits the order on the next submission date. Depending on when you place your order, you may have to wait up to 14 days for delivery. When your Skin So Soft arrives, the representative will contact you to make delivery arrangements and collect your payment.
  • With direct delivery, you may have a shipping charge but your product will arrive within 7 days.

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