How to Buy Used Gardening Equipment

Two Methods:Finding Used Gardening EquipmentTesting Used Gardening Equipment

Used gardening equipment can be just as reliable and high in quality as brand-new gardening equipment, and can usually be purchased at prices that are significantly lower than those of new items. When buying used gardening equipment, you must know how to check for specific signs of wear and tear to prevent yourself from buying equipment that may have a short life after you purchase it. Used gardening equipment can be purchased from local thrift stores, yard sales, websites, newspapers, and more. Continue reading this article to learn of the best practices for buying used gardening equipment.

Method 1
Finding Used Gardening Equipment

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    Look for used gardening equipment in classified ads.
    • Check the classified sections of your local newspapers; especially the Sunday edition in which many people will have their ads for used gardening equipment posted.
    • Visit the websites for eBay Classifieds and Craigslist to find more ads posted by people in your local area. The "farm and garden" section will most likely feature used gardening tools and equipment for sale.
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    Browse yard sales and estate sales to find used gardening equipment.
    • Review the classified ads in newspapers and online to determine the dates, times, and locations of the yard sales or estate sales. In some cases, there may be entire neighborhoods or blocks that are hosting a series of garage sales all on the same day.
    • Go directly to the garage, shed, or backyard areas of estate sales, which is where used gardening equipment will most likely be stored.
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    Look for used gardening equipment at flea markets or in thrift stores. Flea markets, independent thrift stores or thrift store chains that donate their earnings to charities such as Goodwill or the Salvation Army will usually carry a variety of used gardening tools and supplies.
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    Buy used gardening equipment from eBay. EBay will allow you to browse and buy used gardening equipment in an auction-style format or with a buy-it-now option.
    • Read and review the eBay listings in their entirety before bidding on or purchasing any used gardening equipment; as some items may be sold "as is" and cannot be returned.
    • Review the ratings and feedback of the seller before making any purchases on eBay. This will allow you to verify whether the seller is reliable and has a positive reputation.
    • Ask the seller questions about an item if the listing is incomplete or does not provide you with the information you need. This will help you with determining if the item is worth purchasing.

Method 2
Testing Used Gardening Equipment

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    Examine the gardening tools for efficiency before purchasing. This will help you choose gardening tools that will not break or fall apart after taking them home.
    • Verify that the welded parts of equipment such as shovels or garden rakes are attached firmly to handles and other counterparts.
    • Look for signs of heavy flaking or multiple pits on tools or equipment that contain metal, which can indicate that the tools are excessively worn and may not work effectively.
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    Examine the wooden parts of gardening equipment before buying. This will help you verify that the wood will not split or break apart after use.
    • Look for signs of cracks, rot, or breaks in the wood. If any of these deficiencies exist, the tool may break shortly after use.
    • Closely examine wood that has been painted over. In some cases, paint can be covering damages or other defects in the tools or equipment.
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    Verify that equipment with motors work properly. Gardening equipment such as tillers or lawn mowers with motors should be tested.
    • Turn on or start the equipment before finalizing the sale to verify that the motor or engine works efficiently.


  • Visit the website to see if used gardening equipment is being given away for free by somebody in your local area. Although you will be required to create an online membership, the website works similarly to Craigslist, in which you can contact the person who created the posting and arrange to pick up the item.
  • Post an ad in the "Wanted" section of the Craigslist website if you are seeking a specific gardening tool or piece of equipment. This will allow those who are needing to downsize or sell their supplies to contact you directly.

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