Discussion:Clean a Rusty Razor Blade

Discussion:Alter a V Neck Shirt Into a Cute Shrug

Discussion:Build a Computer Power Supply Tester

Discussion:Cast a Love Spell

Discussion:Determine the Sex of a Chicken

Discussion:Clean Small Marble Objects

Discussion:Copy an Encrypted DVD to a Smaller Capacity

Discussion:Create a Birdhouse with Plastic Straws

Discussion:Dissolve an Eggshell

Discussion:Estimate the Number of Dots on a Basketball/Archive1


Discussion:Do a Secret Shuffle Card Trick

Discussion:Fly a Broom

Discussion:Make Cucumber Face Wash

Discussion:Make a Face Pack

Discussion:Make Bannock Two Ways

Discussion:Make Muffins

Discussion:Make Silly Putty/Archive1

Discussion:Prevent Viruses on Your iPod

Discussion:Weave a Simple Scarf Using a Craft Stick Loom

Discussion:Use a Tiling Window Manager

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