How to Celebrate Christmas as a Christian

Christmas means a lot to all of us. Some remember all of those lovely presents, while others may remember those great feasts on Christmas day at a family members house. If you would like to celebrate the holiday for primarily religious purposes, please read on.


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    Remember that Jesus was not born on either December 25th, or January 7'Th(when Eastern-Rite Christians celebrate Christmas). It's likely he was born in either September or the Spring. However, that doesn't mean that you can't celebrate His birthday on December 25th. Just keep this in mind in case anyone tries to put you down for celebrating a religious Christmas.
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    Observe Advent. Buy a wreath with only branches, and not decorations in it. Place inside the 4 corners of the wreath, 4 candles. 3 of them should be purple, and one of them pink. Light the first candle on the first Sunday of Advent; two candles on the second Sunday of Advent; etc. Light the pink candle on the third Sunday during Advent. This is all in anticipation of the Birth of the Messiah.
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    Sing Advent songs, during Advent, such as "O Come Divine Messiah," "O Come O Come Emmanuel," etc.
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    Read the Christmas story in the bible. You could read it once on Christmas Eve, by yourself or aloud to your family, once a week in December, or every day in December! Do whatever makes it feel right for you.
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    Go to Church. Try to go to church on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. If you have the time and ability, go both days! However, don't limit yourself to those days. Everyone's extra busy in December but try to make room at least twice more than usual to go to church. If you have children or are a child or teen yourself, also see if your church is doing a Christmas pageant!
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    Pray. In the evenings, pray. If you're feeling stressed about gift buying or if the house will look perfect or if the food will be done on time, just take a few minutes. Breath, pray, and go back to what you were doing with a clear head.
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    Use a Nativity Scene. Set it up wherever you like. On the mantel is popular, because it's a very prominent place. You can set it up all at once, or you can add everyone but baby Jesus, and only add him on Christmas Eve. Some people even put baby Jesus on the other side of the room and move him closer to the Nativity every evening, like a countdown, until he's in the manger on Christmas Eve.
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    Asses your present giving. Are you buying twelve presents for each of your children, plus $100 gifts for each aunt and uncle? Do you think this is showing the Christian's Christmas spirit? If not, try to tone it down. Let relatives know you won't be giving expensive gifts, or even any gifts if you chose, this year. Or you could suggest a drawing and everyone only buys one other person one present. For your children, perhaps include something religious in their gifts. Send a letter to Santa, suggesting that he leave a bible in each child's stockings.
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    Talk to your family. If you have older children or teens and haven't celebrated a very Christian Christmas before they aren't going to understand the change. Tell them and any other family members it may concern that you want to celebrate Christmas for Jesus. Explain why it's important to you in a calm fashion.
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    At the dinner table, say Grace, before beginning to eat, in order to thank Our Lord for this feast that you are about to eat, & to also thank Him for Coming into the world to be Our Saviour.
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    Sing Christmas carols. Not just Christmas "songs" such as "Frosty the Snowman," and/or "Jingle Bells," but, actual carols, such as "Silent Night," "Joy to the World," "What Child is This?" etc.
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    Either donate or volunteer with your favourite charity. Remember, Christ always taught that we are to love our neighbours & help them whenever we can.


  • Though it is of course up to you, don't cut out gift giving all together. The Three Wise Men brought gifts to Jesus, and it's okay to give gifts to children, friends, and relatives. Just don't go completely overboard.
  • Children can have a difficult time with religion. Even adults have a hard time trying to understand it and decide what they believe in! If your child doesn't get it right away, don't be upset with them.
  • Celebrating for religious reasons does NOT mean that you have to completely cut out Santa.
  • In fact, use Santa to help explain religious concepts to children. For example, if someone is naughty they get coal and if someone is nice they get presents, but if someone is naughty all their life they go to Hell when they die, and if they're nice all their life they go to Heaven. Santa loves all the children in the world, even though they've never met him. God and Jesus are the same way. Not only that, but, Santa Clause was based upon an actual Saint (Nicholas of Bari). You should look him up online.


  • Don't get angry when people wish you "Happy Holidays." That's not in the Christmas spirit at all! Be thankful for the good wishes, not angry or upset that your holiday wasn't specified.
  • Don't believe you're "better" than others because you're celebrating Christmas for Jesus. What gives you the right to celebrate for Jesus is exactly what gives them the right to celebrate for other things.
  • When using candles (like for the Advent wreath, for example), ensure that caution is taken to prevent any fire.
  • Don't try to shove religion down other people's throat. If for gift giving you draw your Atheist niece, don't give her a cross necklace and a bible, and don't rant at her about how she's going to Hell. Not agreeing with your neighbor does not negate "love thy neighbor."

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