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Two Methods:For Byzantine ChristiansFor Protestants, and all others

If you are a Christian, and you believe that the Lord Jesus Christ Is the Eternal Son Of God, and that He died for all your sins, then for you, Good Friday is the most sorrowful, the most solemn, and yet, one of the holiest days of the entire year.

Indeed, it is not a day for celebration, it is a day for observing.


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    Visit your local church.
    • For Roman Catholics: Pray before the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. The Holy Rosary is especially good prayer for Good Friday.
    • In addition to Holy Mass, many Churches may also have the Stations of the Cross, which may like to attend.
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    Some Christian communities (Catholic and others) hold Passion Plays, which you might like to attend, or perhaps, even participate, or organize.
    • If in the event you are hosting guests, you may offer them afternoon tea, with some 'hot cross buns.' These are sticky fruit buns, with some dough at the top, in the shape of a cross. You may have it toasted, or plain.
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    Alternatively, some people fast on Good Friday. Some people refrain from eating at all, and some people eat very lightly. If you are still growing, it might be a good idea to eat lightly. See the section for Byzantine Christians below.
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    At 3:00 PM, if you don't go to Mass, stop what you are doing.and pray, if possible. Traditionally, Jesus died on the cross at this time.
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    Throughout the day, reflect on the death of Jesus. It is the whole idea of Good Friday.

Method 1
For Byzantine Christians

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    Byzantine Catholics are required to fast from all meat and dairy products (eggs included). Orthodox should check the rules of their eparchy.
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    Attend Matins with the reading of the Twelve Passion Gospels and the Entombment Vespers.

Method 2
For Protestants, and all others

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    There are many different traditions held by each of the other Christian denominations. The best way to learn what those are is to ask your pastor, minister, priest, or church leader.


  • Try to get to mass or church service early on Good Friday, as it will be very packed, and much more difficult in getting a seat. Of course, you may want to stand throughout the duration of the Mass, when you ponder what Christ did for you.
  • 'The Stations of the Cross,' were compiled by St. Francis of Assisi, for people who could not afford to travel to the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem (on pilgrimages). They could meditate upon Our Lord's Passion right in their Home Church.
  • On Good Friday (as with every other Friday during Lent), the Catholic abstains from eating meat, and may only eat fish. Moreover, the fish must be boiled, not battered or fried.
  • Try to be solemn today. Act like you are at a funeral.
  • Never go to a vacation on a Good Friday. Good Friday is not for vacations.

Things You'll Need

Roman Catholics

  • Your cross or your crucifix when attending church
  • Your rosary.
  • Your prayer book.
  • Your Holy Bible.
  • Hot Cross Buns.
  • Boiled Fish for dinner.

Protestants, and all others

  • Your Bible
  • Whatever your pastor, minister, or church leader suggests
  • Your faith

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